The Team

Third and 7 is a bunch of guys that have known each other for a while. Some met in high school, some met in college. We have a few things in common, and a lot of other things that we don’t have in common. Here’s who we are:

Jon Chouinard

I guess the best way to describe myself in a few words would be “Renaissance Man“.  I have a lot of widely divergent interests: everything from books, music, movies, and history – especially medieval European, but anything in general, the more ancient/unknown, the better – to motorcycles, ice hockey, and outdoor activities – primarily backpacking, hiking & camping, and shooting, but also a good deal of backcountry skiing (“Nordic” if you must classify it) and snowshoeing.  Also, look for the occasional forays into esoteric philosophy, theology, and conspiracy theories – don’t ask about these last unless you really want to know, and then prepare for an earful (or “eyeful”, considering the medium).  Concerning the latter, if anyone starts in on the whole “Reptoids control the government, man!” spiel (or “Jesus was actually an alien!” or some such nonsense), prepare to be ridiculed, derided, and harangued into oblivion.

For fun (outside of the obvious excursions into the aforementioned activities), I play, write & record music, train in Western Martial Arts (primarily sword & buckler fencing at the moment), brew beer, read everything I can get my hands on, and nerd it up with my home-built computer.  This is by no means a comprehensive list.  About the only things you won’t hear me chime in on are sports (besides hockey – which, even so, I prefer to play rather than talk about) and politics – I opt to leave the banter and posturing to others, at least in those fields.  While I don’t claim to be an expert in most things, expect at least a somewhat-informed opinion on a wide variety of topics.  My main objective is to bring a bit of perspective to this whole travesty.  Consider yourselves (my fellow Third and 7′ers included) warned.

Jeff Delauney

Born in the Spring of 1983, Jeffrey Wayne grew up in the ‘burbs of Seattle and attended Thomas Jefferson High School and played varsity soccer.  When the scholarships didn’t exactly come calling, he attended Central Washington University where he earned a degree in Information Technology with a minor in Advertising.  He had a cup of coffee in Public Relations for the CWU Central Civic Marketing Group.  There, he worked with the Ellensburg Animal Shelter and the Civic Engagement Center.  He currently works in sales outside Seattle, WA.  If there was a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf within 100 miles, he’d be flat broke.  He is also such a sports geek, he wrote his bio in the 3rd person.

Joshua Jones

I guess, in terms of the team, I’m the “Old” guy. I’m the married with children guy. I’ve been married for 4 years now and have a beautiful baby girl, Lucy. I’m currently the head number cruncher for a logistics company, the money man if you will.

I’m also the Emo Guy, so people tend to rag on me and not understand where I’m coming from. My passion is Film, I love movies; everything from Academy Award Winners to Snakes on a Plane. I’ll pretty much watch anything, which I believe makes me more cultured.

Chase Perrin

I am a Geek, nerd and from time to time, an all out dork. I am a PR flack by trade and a media junkie by choice. I get paid to talk about technology (some consumer and gadgety, some super deep and really nerdy) and deal with media. The public relations world is not all the glamor and glitz you may see on TV, but it’s fun and I love it.

I am a Trojan and a Zag. I spent 4 years in Spokane at Gonzaga University. Yeah, with the basketball team. Ask about tourist opportunities in Spokane. I also spent two years on an island in south central… Los Angeles, at USC. I got a master’s degree in Strategic PR there.

I like sci-fi, reading and gadgets.  I read a lot things about a lot of things. I care about news, technology, photography and food, just to name a few. Beer is a food group in my book, and the darker the better. I have a wealth of knowledge about a plethora of things, most mediocre. For example, a large group of skunks is called a surfeit. Right, helpful at the office.

I live in San Francisco.

I plan to post mostly about music, technology, media  and some random trivia.


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