Mythical Beasts

Wonder woman.
White iPhone 4.
Decent Seattle Baseball.

One of these things just might rear its mythical head this week.

It’s just like the real one, only, wait for it, the opposite color. Oh, and maybe not real.

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2011 ‘Hawks Draft Preview

This is the time of year where we close the books on the 2010 season and get jacked up for the 2011 season. The NFL draft begins Thursday and runs though Saturday.  I’m still not all that thrilled about the new three-day format.  I fear change, I suppose.

Here’s my take on what the ‘Hawks would and should do.

This year we will have a very anticlimactic draft. The team needs are far greater than what any one player can provide. (If you say Jake Locker, feel free to email with your home address and I’ll come punch you in your Husky loving face). We clearly don’t have the excitement of two picks in the top 14 like last year.  That leaves us without much to get excited for in terms of star power.

This team needs to get younger and Schneider is the man who knows his way around the late rounds of the draft. I’m good with Pete & John trading out of the first round and taking 7 or so guys we haven’t heard of. The ‘Hawks are going to pick some obscure guys and we will have to shrug our shoulders and hope for the best. Sorry, I forgot to say “spoiler alert!” before I told you what would happen.

If you wasted the last three months on ESPN you should know the draft “experts” don’t know shit. (I’m saving my curse words for when they really apply…this is one of those times). Mel McShay and Todd Kiper literally get paid to sit in front of a camera and tell you who is a better player with no recourse for their actions. In 2019, nobody will remember Kiper argued in favor of Jimmy Smith over Prince Amukamara.

Oh, and if you are looking for expert analysis from this blog, Jimmy Smith is an inch taller.  He’s much better at defending the deep ball and would match up better against the tall receivers of the NFC West. You know how I came up with that spectacular insight? I f***ing Googled it. In 5 years we will know. Until then, the “draft experts” are just another couple of buttholes with opinions.  I suppose that now includes me.

At the record store today – April 26

When you hit the record store this week, or the digital download purveyor of your choice we recommend checking out a few things. It’s a pretty light week this week, but still, at least a gem or two.

AugustanaFishin' For WoosAll At OnceThe Complete Singles (1971-2006)


I liked “Boston” until everyone liked “Boston.” There is a chance that this may be a return to the listen-to-able category. It feels a little like old U2 in a good way, a little on the epic side.

Bowling for SoupFishin’ for Woos

It’s kind of like the early 2000’s all over again. We just need a keg party and a paper to blow off to really bring it home. For nostalgic purposes, this is a must. We also wish every night was S-s-s-saturday Night.

The Airborne Toxic EventAll at Once

If  the second single is anything to go off of, this disc will be in heavy rotation all summer, with the windows down and the open road before us. It’s a little “emo,” but then again, what new rock isn’t.

The Rolling StonesComplete Singles

Every single one of rock’s most prolific has ever released, all in one place. It’s 45 discs. No as in 45 speed, but 45 individual discs. Should be a good time killer – and, for space reasons, a better digital purchase.

We reserve the right to listen to these albums a few times and pass further judgement.

Coming Soon

Third and 7 will be coming to this space shortly.

What is Third and 7 you might ask. Well, we’re asking that too. There is a lot to decide…

  • What to cover
  • How to organize 7+ guys into writing a blog and making it sane and interesting
  • What it should look like
You get the drift. We’ll be back soon with more.
– The Third and 7 Team