Draft Draft Draft (Round 2 Edition)

I’m comfortable with the Bruce Irvin pick. We found out the Jets, Ravens, and 49ers were all going to take him in the first.

Let’s look at day 2. We will definitely go after a starting caliber linebacker.

Rather than misspelling some names of guys we won’t end up drafting I’ll just list positions of need.

In order of importance…

1. Linebacker
2. Running Back
3. Offensive Line
4. Wide Receiver
5. Linebacker (we need 2)
6. Tie between TE & DB



NFL First Round Thoughts

1. Pitbull must be stopped. First Dr. Pepper now Bud Light.

2. I’m glad we traded back. Too bad we couldn’t do it again.

3. We drafted who?

4. Oh and he’s been in jail. Neato….

5. I hope Pete knows what he’s doing.

6. Just watched Irvin’s YouTube highlights… I now get it.

7. High risk high reward pick. Could be the next Jason Pierre-Paul… Or Jevon Kerse.

8. Pete and John said earlier this week they’d take a chance on someone with a checkered past. And they wanted a pure pass rusher. They didn’t lie.

9. I want to go see G.I. Joe.

10. I won’t be buying a Bruce Irvin jersey any time soon.

Thoughts? Anyone think this is a fantastic move? Couldn’t we have traded out of the first round for this guy?

Draft Draft Draft!

Here’s my first round wish list ranking the guys I’d like to see at no. 12 tonight.

1. Ingram DE
2. Decastro G
3. Kechuey MLB
4. Trade down, get more picks
5. Floyd WR

I didn’t bother spell checking names because…you know… work and all…

Happy draft day everyone!

Jonesy’s Random Thoughts – Episode 2

The below opinions are of the author alone and not reflective of Thirdand7’s staff.

  • In 2 months my son will be born. It’s both extremely exciting and terrifying to care for a baby again.
  • This week Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol comes out on DVD; I highly reccommend picking it up. It’s by far the best of the series.
  • I really dislike The ‘Pen at Safeco Field. If I wanted to go to a club, I’d go to a club, not a baseball game. Stupid youth of America.
  • It’s pretty cool having a house with a yard, even knowing that days like today will eventually mean I’ll have to be outside working in it instead of watching TV with Lucy.
  • This year’s annual MLB bet with my boss has been made: Whichever team makes it the furthest in the season, the winner gets the Jersey of their choice. She chose the Yankees, I chose the Tigers. We’ve done this 2 years prior and have split the wins.
  • I jumped on the Draw Something bandwagon because the whole world did. I got bored very quickly, I don’t think it translates very well, they need to make some changes. There should be a timer and there should not be scrambled letters (which you can just stare at to guess).
  • Ted looks absolutely hilarious. HILARIOUS!
  • When baby comes I will have the following TV shows to watch: Boardwalk Empire, King of Thrones and Friday Night Lights.
  • Is it considered a nap if you wake up at 7 and go back to sleep from 8:30 to 10?
  • After 11 games, the Mariners are 6-5 and in 2nd Place in the AL West. Only 151 Games to go!
  • We did the Speed Pitch at the Mariners game yesterday. I topped out at 65mph and my arm feels like rubber today.

The Seahawks Have Been “Swooshed”

Here’s how big the NFL is compared to the rest of the major professional sports leagues.  New uniforms in the NFL are a bigger deal than the start of MLB and the playoff push for the NBA.  I took an informal poll on the new ‘Hawks uniforms and found mixed responses.

My father via text – “New Uniforms Suck.”
My brother via text – “They look lame” (He actually said something I can’t repeat.  You can learn lots of new things from 9th graders).
Shawn Knight – “I’m glad Nike didn’t eff them up.”
Third&7’s own @Jonze33 – “New unis are pretty sick.  Which color should we get?”
Third&7’s @chaseperrin – “Do we have to quack at games now?”
My uncle Joel via Facebook – “I like them…”
Long time friend Josh Wanaka – “I wish they went away from the lime green.”
Long time friend Nik Hawkins – “I feel like Vince McMahon is going to pop out at any moment and say “THIS IS THE XFL!!!”

I want to start off by letting everyone know I have no interest in hearing the “tradition” speech.  We have one player in the Hall Of Fame and one trip to the Superbowl.  It’s time to close the chapter on the “Holmgren Years” and look ahead.  In 5 years there will be more teams with uniforms like ours.  Wouldn’t you rather be on the front end of something?  As cliche as it sounds, we are the ground-breakers.  The Cowboys, Steelers, and Packers of the league will always have the same look.  This is not your grandfather’s NFL.

I’m not shocked by what Nike did considering the experiments with the Oregon Duck program.  Nike and the ‘Hawks stepped on a ledge with the design but didn’t get too crazy.  I like the fact that we are the guinea pig of Nike and the rest of the league.  Why not?  It’s fun, new, and it reminds the rest of the country that the Pacific Northwest has some pull in the sports world.

This is also genius marketing by the Seahawks.  We are the 2nd least popular team behind the Jaguars.  Besides trading for Tim Tebow, this will sell Jerseys.  Keep in mind who wears jerseys.  Your 15 year old kid and 24 year old die hard fan will buy as many as they can.  Blue haired Husky fans who bitch about tradition are not wearing this.  Nike and the ‘Hawks nailed their target demographic here.

Don’t count out the players input either. Via twitter Nick Barnett, Jermichael Finley & others came out and said they loved these uniforms.  As an athlete, if you feel better, you will in fact play better.  Between our new uniforms and the VMAC, players not named Peyton Manning will want to come here.

Most of the country wanted us to ditch the green.  Since I’m bitter and hate most of the national media, I then say we need MORE GREEN!  F*CK EM!  GREEN EVERYTHING!  I love that we brought back the gray (there’s your tradition, now shut up).  The alternate gray top is awesome and it will be interesting to see if it will be worn versus white or colored jerseys.

I’d say the green on the pants is a little much but we’ll get used to it.  Gray pants should be standard.  My personal preference is to keep the jersey and pant color separate.  White pants in general are ridiculous.  My wife likes to point out the “reinforced butt-cracks” more visible on white pants.

If you are going to go buy a new jersey my advice would be this…go all out.  The new jerseys have stitching around the numbers that will look much different on replica jerseys.  Go authentic with these ones.

I’d give Nike an 8 out of 1o.

In Cinemas: The Hunger Games


Okay. Yes this is a movie based on a Young Adult novel series; but it’s not a sappy love triangle story between fictional creatures. The Hunger Games is a story about a girl leading a rebellion against a corrupt capital regime who just so happens to have 2 boys in love with her. In my opinion, and since it’s my blog post it doesn’t matter, The Hunger Games has more in common with Braveheart than Twilight. Yeah, I just said it.

The last fiction book I read was…I couldn’t even tell you. But once I discovered The Hunger Games, I read all 3 in 2 months, which is like a miracle for me. Did I read it simply because I knew there was a movie coming out? Probably, but I sure am glad I did. The film version is absolutely faithful to the book, with some minor omissions and additions that help move the story along. First off, Jennifer Lawrence is my new crush; she can throw me around any day. There is no other actress in Hollywood that could have played Katniss, that’s an absolute fact. She completely embodies the character from the pages and brings the exact amount of sincerity and roughness needed for The Girl On Fire. In terms of the other casting, I’m a big Josh Hutcherson fan; I’m not even sure why. I think he was perfectly cast as Peeta. Baby Hemsworth (Liam, Thor’s Brother) is sufficient as Gale in the 10 mins of screen time he has in volume 1. Woody Harrelson is a decent Haymitch, the drunken sole victor from District 12.

If you don’t know about the Hunger Games, then you probably don’t care about this review or even seeing it. Everyone I’ve talked to that saw the film loved it. This is an action movie. It’s a movie about kids being forced to kill each other in a televised event for the enjoyment of their government. It’s a minor love story, in between Tracker Jackers and Muttations. I cannot wait for Catching Fire, December 2013.

Overall Grade: A-