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Top five is too few. Top 10 is too many. 7 seemed like a good compromise.

The 7 Unwritten Rules for Fantasy Football*

*Until now

Fantasy Football Leagues are starting all around the world in the coming weeks. We have a group that has been playing for the last 15 years together. This is a small guide to help you get the most enjoyment out of the season. If you think of another rule, please add it to the comments.

1) Remember Where You Are

Is this a public or private league?
Are you with 15 year old kids or 40 year old women and judges?
Is it a group of brash blue collar Steelers’ fans?

Act accordingly. Especially if you are a guest in a very close knit group of people. Maybe dropping “P, F, & C Bombs” isn’t the best thing to do on the first day.

2) It’s a Game

At first this is one of those “no sh*t” comments but stay with me. Don’t take any game too seriously. You won’t make a living off of gambling on football so don’t try to start now. It’s more important that your favorite team wins than your fantasy team.

Also keep your message board comments football related. Religion/politics are not acceptable. Unless you are letting your friend know you are praying for his horribly constructed team.

3) Pay Attention

The biggest and most important rule here: If you can’t login once a week to swap out guys on a bye week, you shouldn’t be playing. The reason more people play fantasy football compared to any other game is that it’s the least time consuming.

There is nothing more hated in fantasy football than someone who doesn’t play once the draft is concluded.

4) Bring Something To The Table

This is in reference to the message boards. Throw something up there once in a while. “why did I draft Seneca Wallace in the 5th round” is sufficient.” Engage in these guys/gals and start a mini conversation. Find common ground and get to know the other players. You will make friendships and in the end, have more fun.

“Why did you draft a guy in prison?” is also acceptable. Not acceptable: “Glad to see you stopped beating your wife long enough to update your team”. Unless it’s true. Then call the police once you made your post.

5) Research (Just Enough)

Don’t get all “Matthew Berry” or anything. Just make sure you know who’s hurt, who’s retired etc. It will keep the frustration level way down later on in the season. You will be made fun of for drafting Randy Moss.

Ask the other guys in your league for advice. People love being asked their opinion on players or strategy. They will help you.

6) Make Some Trades

Feel free to make a couple trades. Not only will you be keeping tabs on your team, but you’ll want to see how the guy is doing you gave up on. Put a little skin in the game. No shame in making a bad deal.

“I regret not the things I’ve done but the things I did not do”

7) Draft A Kicker With Your Last Pick

 The only draft advice I’ll give you. Do not waste a high pick on a kicker. They are the epitome of replaceable.

And for sh*t’s sake, don’t draft 2 kickers. Don’t be that guy.


The 7: Reasons why you should grow a pair and [legally!] buy a gun

DISCLAIMER:  The contents of this post are solely the work of the listed author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of or any other of its affiliated contributors.  The views expressed herein are the opinion of the author alone and written for entertainment purposes only.  Anyone that disagrees with said views is welcome to do so, but should not hold or its contributors responsible.

So this is the post where I get all Neo-Conservative, right-wing, liberal-hatin’, freedom-spoutin’, violence-lovin’, bat-shit F-ing CRAZY on your asses!

Okay…not really.  Calm down everyone.  I will however take a few minutes and enlighten you all as to why you (including you neo-hippie peacenik vegan leftist Commies) should own a gun.  Now if I were like your average American (a.k.a. redneck), my list would go something like this:

  1. This is ‘Merica.  We have a right to our guns because guns equal freedom and freedom equals ‘Merica
  2. Guns make you a man.  Y’all don’t want to be little girls, do ya?
  3. Guns are cool and can destroy things, like empty Bud Light cans, that rusty Plymouth on blocks in the front yard, the fridge when it breaks down, or “No Shooting” signs on public land.

Et cetera, et cetera…  However, I like to think of myself as not being your average American – at least in some ways – so I will try to provide you with solid, well-thought, logically sound reasons why you should, in fact, own a gun.

  1. This is America.  Land of the free, home of the brave, and all that good stuff.  Or at least it should be, because that’s what was intended when the country was founded.  However, more and more frequently we find our basic, inalienable rights being placed on the back burner, subverted, ignored, and downright trampled in favor of Big Business, which as we all know has the ear (and wallet) of DC and our so-called representatives.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no Teabagger, and I don’t think violence will necessarily accomplish anything, except to maybe supplant one corrupt regime with another.  However, one thing cannot be denied:  This country was founded on revolution, and the men that founded it believed revolution (or at least the threat of it) was important enough that they included it in the Declaration of Independence, stating that it was our right and obligation to overthrow the government should it prove to be “destructive of these [inalienable rights]”.  Keep in mind that they were speaking not only of their overthrow of English rule in the colonies, but of any and all government, including the one they fought and bled to institute for us, their descendants.  This is the real reason for the 2nd Amendment.  Can you imagine how the Revolution would have gone had England outlawed guns in the colonies?  It would never have been, and we’d all be swearing allegiance to the Nanny State, and her grumpy old Queen.  So, when a system of government becomes overbearing and tyrannical, how exactly should the people go about changing it if they don’t practice their right to bear arms, or worse, allow that right to be taken away based on fear-mongering, propaganda, and disinformation?

    Guns don't kill people. Chimps with guns kill people.
  2. Generally speaking (and contrary to popular belief/propaganda), we are all actually safer with more guns in the neighborhood.  Now instead of boring you with statistics (which can be found – and, more importantly, have their sources actually cited – here and here), let me posit a hypothetical situation.  This may require a little imagination, so bear with me.  You are a small-time criminal looking for some quick loot.  You decide that you’re going to break into an upper-middle class home and steal jewelry, electronics, and whatever else you can get your hand on that looks expensive.  So you don your trusty ski mask, your lucky black sweatshirt, and grab the big friggin’ hunting knife you bought for $50 at your local sporting goods store.  Now at this point you may ask yourself why you aren’t bringing a gun instead?  Well, if you’re a halfway intelligent criminal, you’ll immediately see several reasons.  Firstly, guns are LOUD.  Like, wake up the whole house, half the people in the block, and all the dogs in a half-mile radius, REALLY loud.  Unless of course you’re a rich criminal and can afford a (highly illegal) silencer, in which case you’ll only wake the whole house and a quarter of the people in the block.  Don’t believe me?  James Bond is a liar – silencers are still loud.  Besides the fact that guns are loud, they’re also regulated, and anyone that knows anything about forensic/ballistic science knows that guns can be traced.  So that gun you bought legally and keep in your nightstand?  Use it to commit a crime and it can (and will) be traced back to you.  (Just one reason why you should keep your guns locked up and report a stolen gun to the police immediately.)  This, of course, means that you would need to obtain one illegally (read dangerous and overpriced) if you want to use it to commit a crime.  Finally, you’re a friggin’ burglar, not a murderer!  You don’t want to kill people, you don’t even want to see people!  And if you do see them, you only want to threaten them for as long as it takes to get the hell out.  Hence the knife.  Now, you break into a house and botch the job, waking up the inhabitants in the process.  You’re confronted by a very startled individual, let’s say hypothetically the Mom of the house.  Since we’ve established that you’re a halfway intelligent criminal, you’ve been casing the house for a few nights and you know that big bad Dad’s car is not currently in the driveway, so you feel this night is less risky with the man of the house gone.  You think you can probably intimidate your way out of anything, and worst case scenario win a fight against the weaker, frightened Mom (I said you were halfway intelligent, I didn’t say your weren’t a chauvinist).  From here, let’s posit two possible scenarios:  one where Mom has a gun (and knows how to safely handle it and use it if she has to), and the other where she doesn’t.  I think you can all see where I’m going here.  In Scenario 2 you threaten and possibly beat/stab Mom in front of her poor, defenseless children while stealing whatever you can carry and make your escape.  In Scenario 1…well, at best you get out with your life and probably wind up in jail.  And even if you do bring a gun instead of a knife, the tables are still probably in Mom’s favor, seeing how she knows the house and it’s layout, and is probably feeling pretty threatened and more likely to pull the trigger than you, who are just trying to escape as quickly as possible.  So to sum things up:  Outlaw guns, and only criminals will have the guns.  Allow citizens to own them, and the criminals have something to fear and might think twice about trying to rob, rape, or murder you.  And just in case you like a little statistics with your daily serving of blog, try this one on for size:  since the 1997 ban on handguns in England, violent crime has risen over 225%, while violent crime in the US where no such ban exists has fallen by almost 20% in the same time frame [1] [2].
  3. Guns are our last line of defense.  During the Revolutionary War, the vast majority of combat was carried out by local militias – i.e. local citizens that volunteered to fight, and not standing armies of “career” soldiers.  The same was true of several of the subsequent wars, including the Mexican-American War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War.  Since the end of World War II, and even more so since the end of the Cold War, our country has seen more and more cuts to defense spending, and the vast majority of the money we do spend on defense (not to mention personnel and materiel) ends up overseas in whatever war we happen to be fighting at the moment.  Which means that, in the event of a large scale terrorist attack, or (unthinkable, I know) foreign invasion, it will come down to citizens fighting for their lives.  I guarantee that any aggressor, be they terrorist or foreign nation, will think twice about invading America based on our amount of gun ownership.  In fact, Admiral Yamamoto had grave misgivings about invading the US, and is reputed to have said, “You cannot invade the mainland of the United States.  There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”   However, if you depend on our government and so-called “first responders” to save your life, you’re as good as dead already.  Case in point: it took police in Norway over an hour and a half to respond to the reports of gunfire in Utoya this past week.  In the meantime, 82 people were killed.  82!!!  All killed by one man.  Do you think that would have happened if a few of those Norwegians had guns with them?  Yes, the shooter would have killed some, nothing could have changed that, but he would have died riddled with bullets and many more lives would have been saved.
  4. Gun owners are being given a bad rap.  When you think of gun owners, your first thought goes directly to Jim Bob Hick with his beat up Ford pickup, gun rack in the rear window, trucker hat, stained and torn “wife-beater” shirt, poor hygiene, and IQ only slightly higher than that of you average goat.  Taking this thought a little further, you know for a fact that he didn’t finish high school, has at least two broken down cars on blocks next to his trailer, has at least 5 kids and a fat, slovenly, balding wife with a hole in her neck through which she smokes her Camel Reds, and whoever you voted for in the last election, you’re positive he voted for the other guy.  You know, someone like this guy: You know the stereotype I mean, and you know that it’s occurred to you at some point in time.  Well, I say it’s time we changed the stigma on gun ownership.  If more responsible, conscientious, intelligent, open-minded people owned guns, the lobbying in Washington wouldn’t be dominated by right-wing closet-Confederate racist nut jobs and rabid anti-gun peacenik “liberals” (though how you can be called a liberal and still advocate draconian gun control laws and the abolition of our constitutional rights is beyond me).  As a result, we would end up with responsible, intelligent, and effective gun laws that would prevent criminals from obtaining guns while enabling law-abiding citizens to practice their 2nd Amendment rights…without Big Brother controlling the ball.  Now, in light of the recent killings in Norway as well as the shooting spree in Tucson earlier this year (both of which were carried out with legally owned firearms), let me just say this:  1) Yes, I am for gun ownership by private citizens, and 2) Yes, I am in favor of gun control legislation – in fact, I think it should be harder for people to get a gun, generally speaking.  People need to realize that, while it is a right granted in our Constitution, it is also a responsibility.  If you own a gun, you should know how to disassemble and reassemble it, safely load, unload, clean, transport, and store it, and be responsible for its whereabouts at all times.  Every time I hear about some kid that accidentally shoots his friend playing with dad’s gun, or takes it to school and kills someone with it, or some drunk redneck that shoots himself, it really pisses me off.  If you own a gun and have kids, lock it up, no matter what, and hide the friggin’ key.  And keep the ammo somewhere else, while you’re at it, preferably locked up as well.  If you’re “cleaning” your gun and shoot yourself, well…that’s just natural selection running its course, because obviously you’re too dumb to realize that you don’t (can’t, even) clean a loaded weapon.  So stop giving smart, responsible people that happen to own guns a bad name, and next time you accidentally shoot yourself, don’t miss!
  5. Guns cannot be uninvented.  As much as many pacifists and peace-loving people the world over (myself included) would love for that wish to come true, it is just not going to happen.  No matter what you do, someone, somewhere out there will have guns, and if they decide they want what you have (up to and including your life), there is little to nothing you would be able to do to stop them.  I for one feel much safer owning a gun or two and knowing how to use them, while simultaneously hoping that day never comes.  However, a wiser man than myself said, “Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.”

I guess that’s all I’ve got for now.  Not technically 7, but it is a list nonetheless and I’m sticking to it.  By all means, feel free to weigh in if you have something to say.

The 7 Best Sports Video Games (Period, no asterisks)

Unlike the previous blogger post on this topic, I have listed them in order of greatness.  Games are relative to the technology at their disposal.  I would further argue that newer games lack the re-playability simply due to the ability to save information-or just our ADHD culture that can’t hold anyone’s attention for more than a month of gameplay. So here is my list:

  1. Tecmo Super Bowl (SNES)– Way ahead of its time.  Made a good game (Tecmo Bowl) into a great game.  I gave the SNES version the nod over the NES version because of the updated rosters and game play. Key improvements were made including: passes could be dropped (which unfortunately us Seahawks fans can understand), upping the ante to 8 plays on offense, and Dan McGwire (HAHA!!!).  Unfortunately the previous blogger had enough sense to get the franchise right, but Tecmo Bowl III they tried to do waaaay too much for what was supposed to be a simple football game.  Let Madden do the complex things.Seriously though.  I can’t count the number of times I have gone through and played this game.  Season after season.  Some teams are completely frustrating to play with and there’s NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.  Want a challenge, play as Tampa Bay.  Want to rush for a ridiculous amount of yards, play with the Lions and tear up defenses with Barry Sanders and pray he doesn’t get injured in the playoffs.  Use the dive play with caution.  1 out of 4 times you’re probably going to hurt your Running Back!
  2. Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball (SNES) – Again, close but no cigar.  Jeff, you picked the right series, but the wrong game.  This by far the superior Ken Griffey Jr. game.  The winning run sequel was awkward and overall unimpressive.  Even the N64 Slugfest version couldn’t live up to its predecessor.  With clever name changes/themes for all the players (and editable if you wish to make them accurate or customize to match your little league team). Players were designed with a limited number of stances / sizes (my favorite being the ridiculously small speedy players).  Interestingly enough, the verdict is still out on whether where you stand in the box for each stance helps.
  3. Little League Baseball: Championship Series (NES) – Childhood dream realized!  Made a strong bid for the number 2 spot, but lacked the replay-ability of a MLB game.  There are only so many teams out there (and some are horrible).  Great concept for the time and great gameplay for the NES.  Although Graphics have come a long way, I just haven’t seen the benefits of playing out baseball in modern games.  You end up simulating more games than you play because the season is too long.  No problems here.  You can either do a one-off match or start-up a world series tourney.  Simple as pie!
  4. NBA Jam T.E. (SNES) – Can’t argue with this one.  NBA Jam was a great one, although I have the Tournament Edition listed.  This game was awesome.  Before the internet was readily accessible, you had to get the Nintendo Power Guide to get cheat codes.  NBA Jam had a bunch of hidden things in it to keep you coming back for more.  Basically the same as NBA Jam, except you had three players to choose from instead of having to play with the 2 they gave you.
  5. NCAA ’11 (Xbox) – I personally own this on the Xbox, but assume it’s just as amazing on the PS3.  I had shied away from college football and leaned towards Madden until this past installment.  Online Dynasties are AWESOME! If we had this back when I was in Junior High / High School, I would probably still be living at home and not married.  I mean come on!  Recruiting where you have to pick and choose between all the High School Seniors and JC Transfers year after year, trying to build up your school of choice to become the place where recruits want to be and playing for National Titles every year.  Even more exited for ’12 to come out (NEXT WEEK!!!) with all the conference changes and Pac-12 Championship game.  A must have for anyone who likes football and has any interest in College Football.  Way more dynamic than Madden and way more teams to choose from. The only thing that sucks about this game is the cover…
  6. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 (PS2) – Before Tiger was known for being an animal off the course, he dominated the field of golf, and so did his video game.  This game is another put out by EA Sports every year, so really not much has changed from then until now.  Maybe a couple of couple / golfer changes, but who really cares when you always create your own golfer and start out as a rookie and work your way up.  Great store model where you need to win money to buy better clubs, clothes, and upgrades to help your skills increase on the tour.  Definitely a good way to lose hours of sleep over during your college years.
  7. Pro Wrestling (NES) – Even if this game wasn’t good it would be on here.  80’s and wrestling, that’s all I have to say.  Hours of fun!  No explanation needed.  The beginning of a long list of successful wrestling video games.  Star Man leads the cast with a list of completely unrelated wrestling monikers. Completely frustrating when you lose, but amazing when your hand is raised in victory.  Nothing better than jumping off the top rope!

Note: I intentionally didn’t put any soccer games on here.  I did enjoy FIFA 2001, but that was 2001 and haven’t played since.  FIFA definitely doesn’t live up to World Cup Soccer (NES).  And I would definitely place Super Dodge Ball (NES) above World Cup Soccer, so there you have it.

The 7* Best Sports Video Games

(*or more)

These are in chronological-ish order.  It’s unfair to compare them against each other because of the different platforms and eras.  The games on this list are the ones I wasted the most hours playing.

1.  Tecmo Bowl* (NES)  The first sports game I ever played.  The game play was incredibly simple.

You could only pick one of 4 plays on offense (two runs and two passes).  On defense, you didn’t choose a defensive formation or play.  Instead, you had to guess which play the offense was calling.  If you guessed right, the play got destroyed in the backfield.  There was also no such thing as an incomplete pass.  Every ball was either caught or intercepted.  It was pure chaos.  And it was great.

*Special mention to Super Tecmo Bowl and Super Tecmo Bowl III.  (SNES)  I still play these games thanks to the Wii.  Each version of Tecmo Bowl was better than the last.

2.  Ken Griffey Jr’s Winning Run  (SNES)  Because businessmen in the ‘90’s sucked at their jobs, Griffey Jr. is the only player listed in the game.  I had more fun reading the nicknames of the players and trying to figure out who they were.  Bolt Lightning (Randy Johnson) was untouchable.

3.  NBA Jam* (SNES)  I shouldn’t have to spend much time on this.  You’ve played it.  It’s everything a video game should be.  I’ll just say I was partial to the Charlotte Hornets duo of Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning.  Side note… What would it have been like if Jordan was in that game?  Would anyone have picked a team other than the Bulls?

*Special mention to NBA Live 95 (SNES)  Obviously a much more realistic game than NBA Jam.  You had to be a pretty big sports junkie to play this game to it’s full potential.

4.  Ken Griffey Jr Slugfest (N64)  After we got tired of Andy Buchanan beating the tar out of us in Goldeneye, we had Slugfest tournaments.  Obviously this was before we realized we were supposed to be out talking to living, breathing females.  This game prevented me from losing my virginity prematurely.  And Andy beat the hell out of me at this game too.

5.  MVP Baseball 2005  (PS2)  The last baseball game EA sports made before the MLB 2K assholes ruined my life by signing an exclusive deal with Major League Baseball.

(The 2K Sports games are the most unimaginative games I’ve ever played.  Don’t waste your money)

Back to MVP…. I once played an entire season while staying awake on Red Bull, Busch Light and steak from 10 pm to 9 am the next morning (oh college).  This is by far the best baseball game I have ever played.  I even enjoyed playing the minor league games.  I don’t own a PS2 and had to use Joshua’s while in college.  I would pay a hundred dollars cash money to own this game for my Xbox 360.  If you are a bigger geek than me and know how to do this, by all means, let me know.

6.  FIFA 10 (XBOX 360)  The only soccer video game I’d endorse.  You can play any of the leagues including the MLS and the game can be as simple or as complex as you like.  Every soccer game has been sub par in my opinion until the hardware caught up to the game.  FIFA 11 might be better but I wouldn’t know.  You think I’m made of money?  Until Grantland picks us up, this is the kind of crap you’ll get.

7.  The Entire Madden Series (XBOX, XBOX360, PS2) I freely admit I was late to playing Madden compared to everyone else.  I was hard core into Tecmo Bowl and then played NFL Quarter Back Club for the Nintendo 64 before I realized what I was missing.  Madden was so much better than anything I’d ever played.  For the most part, the game has improved each year.  Every version has things I don’t like and it has become a bit gimmicky.  I’ve played each one from 2000 until now.  It’s the only game I buy the day it’s released.  I can’t wait for football season to start back up.  Until then, I’ll have to just keep playing.

The 7: Jonesy’s Favorite War Movies


I figured with today being Memorial Day, I would take a stab at putting together a Top 7 list of my favorite war movies. Now I will be the first to admit that I have not seen many of the known “Classics” such as “The Dirty Dozen”, “MASH”, and “The Great Escape”. I’m working on that. But I have seen many of the more modern war films and here’s the breakdown: You might be surprised to see “Pearl Harbor” missing…

  1. Saving Private Ryan- I think for the majority of moviewatchers my age, this is it. This is the epitome of a classic war movie. The acting is amazing, from Tom Hanks as the fearless leader, to Barry Pepper as the kickass sniper, to minor bit parts from Vin Diesel, Matt Damon and Nathon Fillion. But the most amazing thing about this movie is Spielberg. He makes you feel like you’re in the bunker with the men, bullets and explosions happening all around you. Not only is this my favorite war movie of all time, but this is definately in my overall Top 10.
  2. Braveheart- Now many people would scoff at this being a legitimate war movie due to the historical fiction that is mostly portrayed. Nevermind that bullshit. This movie is EPIC. This is a man’s movie.
  3. Apocalypse Now- I had to include this one as it is by far considered to be the greatest war movie of all time. I agree that it is a great war movie, but not the best in my eyes, probably because I found it harder to relate to the characters; although I know you aren’t really supposed to like anyone in this movie. After reading some of the backstory and the on set situations that happened, it makes the film even more harrowing to sit through.
  4. The Patriot- The second Mel Gibson installment on the list, this film about the Revolutionary War is a channel surfing dream; I will stop everytime I see it on cable. I found it pretty funny that 2 Aussies portrayed the 2 main characters in this American film. Probably one of the most vicious scenes in film history: Mel avenging the murder of his son with an ax.
  5. The Hurt Locker- I was very, very happy that this film beat out Avatar for Best Picture. This is the most current war situation depicted on film and it was very eye-opening. The whole concept of dirty bombs and the men that are charged with finding and disarming them was very intriguing. Jeremy Renner also turned in a star-making performance.
  6. We Were Soldiers- The third and final Mel Gibson film on my list, and probably the most surprising of the bunch. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this movie as much as I did. A solid war movie that focuses equally on both the action and the reaction of the men involved. Another film starring the greatly underappreciated Barry Pepper.
  7. Glory- Totem Jr. High, Mr. Jorgensen’s History Class; this was the first time I saw “Glory”. At first the idea of watching a 3 hour plus epic split up across 4 days wasn’t that appealing to me. But then I found myself actually eager to return to class each day to continue watching. From what I’ve read this is considered to be one of the most accurately portrayed historical films of all time. Strong performances from Denzel Washington (OSCAR), Morgan Freeman, Matthew Broderick and Cary Elwes.

The 7: Reasons You Should Watch Entourage

While I’m looking for current TV shows that don’t suck, I have been watching Entourage from the beginning.  I love this show and you should too.

  1. An accurate depiction of what my friends and I would do if one of us made it big.
  2. It’s on HBO.  Therefore, no censorship.  Fact: Boobs = Quality TV.
  3. The Cameos.  (Bob Sagat, Phil Mickelson, Snoop, Kayne, Jessica Alba, Tom Brady, James Cameron, etc)
  4. It doesn’t take itself too serious.
  5. Exactly 27 minute episodes.  Therefore you can still have a life.
  6. Shows the dirty/ugly side of Hollywood.  Ever wonder why or how someone gets cast in a movie?
  7. Jeremy Pivon is effing amazing.

7 New Uses For The Seal Team

Now that the Seal Team has dealt with Obama Osama, I have found some new uses for them.  Here are my Top 7.

1.  Public Apologies – Dear every public official or celebrity.  Stop it.  I don’t need Kobe to apologize for using a derogatory slur for gay people.  If someone started trashing male middle class white guys, I wouldn’t be leading a march to have the person fined / suspended / fired / whatever.

2.  Use Of The Word “Epic” – This is officially effed out.  First it was hella, then wicked, then uber…. Time to move on bro.

3.  Transformers 2 – Anyone who tells you they liked this movie is lying or needs to be euthanized.

4.  “Viral” Videos – All of the nut jobs who have their 15 minutes of fame are getting them for the wrong reasons.  “Hey a guy got tased for running naked through Wrigley!  He’s a celebrity now!”

5.  Mid ’90s Grunge On The Radio – This is mostly a gripe for 107.7.  (The Seattle alternative radio station)  They play one of the 6 Seattle grunge bands every 10 minutes.  I love the grunge era and its how I got into music in the first place.  Its 2011 and I’m ready for something new.

6.  Cell Phone In The Bathroom Guy – I don’t have to explain this.  You know this guy.  He should be dealt with swiftly.

7.  The BCS – These assholes are more corrupt than Hollywood, the NBA & Washington DC combined.  Oh and to the NCAA, give it up and pay the players already.