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Top five is too few. Top 10 is too many. 7 seemed like a good compromise.

The 7: Only Remaining Movies You Need to Spend $10 a Ticket to See in Theaters This Year

  1. Ted (June 29th)- Get your friends together, go hit Applebee’s for Happy Hour and wander over to the Regal Cinemas for a night of raunchy comedy. Marky Mark and Peter Griffin the Bear should make for a hilarious combination.
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man (July 3rd)- I’ll be the first to admit, I was part of the group of people that couldn’t fathom rebooting a franchise fresh off it’s last outing in 2007. However, the revived storyline and stellar trailers have made me a believer and put me in line for opening weekend.
  3. The Dark Knight Rises (July 20th)- The. Must. See. Film. Of. 2012. Nuff Said.
  4. The Bourne Legacy (August 3rd)- No Matt Damon? No Problem. Jeremy Renner is the new badass action guy on the block. Quick sidenote; this is not a spinoff, this film takes place during The Bourne Ultimatum.
  5. Skyfall (November 9th)- Bond Is Back. Daniel Craig returns for his third outing as 007, this time with a Top Secret plot that not even the fanboys know about.
  6. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (December 14th)- Are you ready to return to Middle Earth? No? Are you not a nerdy film geek who saw all three Lord of the Rings films at Midnight shows?
  7. Django Unchained (December 25th)- I’m not a hipster who enjoys Quentin Tarantino’s just because it’s cool; well, maybe with Jackie Brown. But Django looks like the right kind of film to make me forget the disaster that was Grindhouse.

The 7: Movies I’ll Always Stop and Watch on Cable

You know those lazy Sundays where you sit around your house, in your pajamas, and just channel surf until you find something good? That’s what this list represents; not that the movies are stellar or Oscar worthy; but they are entertaining enough to stop and watch for 20 min intervals on any given day.

  1. Drumline – I get made fun of A LOT when this movie is brought up. It’s definately a guilty pleasure movie and perfect to just zone out and get in touch with my roots.
  2. Die Hard – Even with the butchering that comes with Cable TV; the sight of John McClaine will always make me put the remote down.
  3. Ocean’s Eleven – A recent addition to this list, as it’s been on Bravo every other weekend recently. It’s still a fantastically made film.
  4. The Day After Tomorrow – Another critically bashed film that is not as bad as people made it out to be; this disaster movie has some great special effects and Jake Gyllenhaal, can’t go wrong.
  5. The Sandlot – I will stop everytime, just to watch 10-15 mins, just to remember what it was like to be carefree and just worry about playing a little baseball.
  6. Starship Troopers – I Love This Movie. Everything about this movie brings out the 15 year old boy in me. Lots of violence. Lots of gore. Little bit of nudity. Of course, this is all cut out on cable, but if anything it makes for some good comedic moments.
  7. Back to the Future – This movie is a timeless classic. It saddens me to think that Hollywood wants to reboot the franchise, I really wish they would just leave shit alone.

In defense of U2

I am going to stick my neck out there and offer an unpopular opinion, at least unpopular to speak aloud: I like U2. A lot.

No. I do not think they are not the greatest band ever. But they are pretty awesome. Feel free to disagree. That’s one reason music is so awesome, there is so much of it.

Whether you like them or not, you cannot deny that they are the biggest band in music right now, and have been for, oh, I don’t know 20 years. They sell out every show in every country. Their albums sell as fast as they can be made. They have 12 albums which have sold 180 million copies (60 million more, or so, than Dylan). That’s insane. More Grammys than anyone else.

Here are the 7 reasons I like U2:

  1. They are audacious – the most expensive, and most successful tour, ever – 7million+ tickets, 110 sold out shows and literally hundreds of semis to move it around
  2. The lyrics matter – drop the music and the words are still awesome.
  3. They stick to who they are – a little strange, and kind of out there sometimes, but they embrace it.
  4. The Edge – uses a different guitar on every song on stage; also, this
  5. Causes – all bands should have one, and support it, quietly
  6. Innovation – yes they stick to who they are, but they also innovate
  7. Producers – the band has worked with Eno and Danger Mouse, just to name a couple

Top 7’s of 2011 by Jonesy

Everyone loves to do lists, me included. So here are some random lists of things from 2011 that I thought I would weigh in on. Oh and I finally got internet at the new house, so that’s why I was gone for so long.

Top 7 Movies of 2011:
1) Super 8
2) X-Men: First Class
3) The Adventures of Tintin
4) Crazy, Stupid, Love
5) The Lincoln Lawyer
6) Margin Call
7) Attack the Block

Top 7 Worst Movies of 2011:
1) Bad Teacher
2) Sucker Punch
3) Hoodwinked Too!: Hood vs. Evil
4) Season of the Witch
5) Your Highness
6) The Change Up
7) The Smurfs

Top 7 Music of 2011:
1) Maroon 5- Moves Like Jagger (Single)
2) New Found Glory- Radiosurgery (Album)
3) Blink 182 Reunion Show
4) 2nd Farewell to Warped Tour
5) Britney Spears- Femme Fatale (Album)
6) Foster the People- Helena Beat (Single)
7) Inability to not hear Adele at least once a day

Top 7 Anticipated 2012 Releases:
1) The Hunger Games
2) The Dark Knight Rises
3) 007: Skyfall
4) The Avengers
5) Prometheus
6) The Hobbit
7) GI Joe: Retaliation

The 7: Best Christmas Movies

It’s that wonderful time of the year again, which means I’m gonna piss you all off with my Top 7 Christmas Movies list by purposefully leaving off what I believe is the most overrated movie of all time. A Christmas Story will never be on this list for me. Maybe it’s the audacity of Ted Turner to play the movie for 24 hours straight. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve watched it 2 times and never laughed once. While knowing this might alienate readers and have them close the page, I think the rest of my list is very much valid.

  1. Die Hard– Cliche? Yes. Die Hard wins many popularity contests during the holidays as the best Christmas movie of all time. Naysayers be warned, if you try to tell me that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie I will slap you in the face. A) The entire film takes place at a Christmas Eve Party. B) “Santa Clause” makes an appearance. C) There are Christmas Carols (RUN-DMC!). D) The phrase “Ho, Ho, Ho” is uttered twice. A Holiday Classic. Did You Know? Alan Rickman (Hans Gruber) made his feature film debut in Die Hard.
  2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation– There is 1 film that is always a welcome sight at my family’s Christmas Eve party; this is that film. There are so many hilarious moments in this movie that I’d need a whole post to discuss them. By far the best Chevy Chase film ever and by far the best performance of his career by Randy Quaid. No matter how dysfunctional your family is, they don’t hold a candle to the Griswolds. Did You Know? Chevy Chase wears the same Chicago Bears cap throughout all four Vacation movies.
  3. Elf– I remember when this movie first came out on DVD, Chesh and I probably watched it at least 5 times in a week, leading Jeffrey to drink a lot. I was always worried the magic of Elf would wear off, but I still find myself stopping the channel surfing to catch a few hilarious minutes. Director Jon Favreau cemented his spot as one of the up-and-coming directors with the help of Will Ferrell in the best performance of his career. I can’t wait to share this movie with Lucy when she’s older. Did You Know? The original screenplay was made in 1993 and was originally starring Jim Carrey.
  4. Love Actually– Leave it to the Brits to bring us the epitome ensemble film that has sprouted copycats (Valentine’s Day, He’s Just Not That Into You). Love Actually is not only a great Christmas movie, but it’s one of the best Chick Flicks of all-time. It’s a rarity for a romantic comedy to be enjoyed by the majority of men who are forced to watch it at first. It’s also probably one of the first Chick Flicks that guys will suggest to watch with a lady friend. Did You Know? Love Actually was the most rented DVD in the UK in 2004.
  5. Home Alone– A childhood favorite which, as we found out at the Swartz Christmas Party, actually holds up now as an adult. I still think it would be a blast to be a kid left home alone and be forced to defend your house against 2 bumbling burglars. “Look what you did you little jerk”. I bet you utter a quote from Home Alone at least once a week. Did You Know? Robert DeNiro turned down the role of Harry.
  6. The Muppet Christmas Carol– One of the most beloved stories is told by one of the most beloved franchises as Kermit, Miss Piggy and the gang join Michael Caine in the telling of Scrooge. Another film I look forward to sharing with Lucy. Did You Know? The film marked the first time that Kermit was not voiced by Jim Henson, as he had recently passed away.
  7. White Christmas– This pick is for the wife, as this is her favorite Christmas movie ever. I won’t lie, it was enjoyable and I found myself liking it a lot more than I thought I would. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye were an amazing duo and played off each other with such ease and flair. An actual Classic that’s worth a watch. Did You Know? The train scene had to be shot at Fox, the only studio to house a standing train set.

Top 7: Worst Haircuts on Film

Recent events have sparked a HOT debate regarding the worst haircuts captured on film. There are obvious ones where the haircut is supposed to be horrible for the comical purpose of the movie (i.e. Dumb and Dumber). Below, in my opinion, are the WORST ever in the history of my film watching.

Tea Leoni- Jurassic Park 3: Not only is this by far the worst of the Jurassic Park trilogy, it’s made even worse by having to sit through 93 mins of Tea Leoni’s hair. She looks like a 10 year old boy!

Hayden Panettiere- Scream 4: Another actress who decided that looking like a 10 year old boy was a good decision. I couldn’t stop looking at her hair the entire film, I was very happy when (Spolier Alert) she dies

Javier Bardem- No Country for Old Men: Yeah I know the haircut was meant to make his character more creepy and all, but damn it’s horrible. I think I remember my old best friend having the same haircut, I think he kills people now for a living too.

Jared Leto- Panic Room: For one thing, no white person should EVER have cornrows. Secondly, Jared Leto should NEVER choose his own hairstyle for the movies he stars in (could have picked his wonderful bleach blonde Fight Club role too).

Sean Penn- Carlito’s Way: The only thing I remember about this movie is Sean Penn’s hair. It’s magical and I think it would be awesome on Shawn Knight.

Jean Claude Van Damme- Hard Target: Now mullets are awesome, especially when they are constantly wet and flung about in slow motion action sequences. God Bless you JCVD.

Nic Cage- Next, Adaptation, National Treasure: The king of bad movie hair; I think you can call out every role that he has starred in and determine that the hairstyle was just pure bliss.

Why you need a tablet

As a nerd, certified and a licensed, I have wanted a tablet since, well… I guess the first time I saw characters on Star Trek with them. I wanted all the world’s information at my finger tips, control of my surroundings and more. But it wasn’t just Star Trek, it’s every sci-fi show and movie. The future, it would seem, is rife with flat, handheld computers.


When the iPad was first announced I realized that that childhood dream was coming to fruition. I could have that magical gadget from sci-fi. But I waited. No one buys version one, or should at least. So when the iPad 2 came out I thought some more. And waited a little longer. I wanted to see what the other computer makers had to offer.


Then I bought an iPad 2. Sure, there’s are other options, but the iPad 2 seems to be the best for now. Maybe not forever, but for now.

Since I got it I have read more, communicated more and discovered a new love of casual games.

You need a tablet for 7 reasons:
1. Content consumption: tablets are the future of magazines and newspapers. In fact, tablet might be the only way they survive. Then theres the Internet. Sure, it’s great on a phone, better on the computer, but for casual surfing, the tablet is the way to go.
2. Entertainment: despite Netflix totally hosing everyone, it’s pretty great to watch tv or movies on a tablet. As more content comes available it will be even better
3. Reading: Kindle and the like on iPad or android tablets is amazing. Almost better than a real book in so many ways. The biggest being weight.
4. Games: I am not a huge gamer, but casual, simple games are great on a tablet.
5. Staying in touch: email, Facebook and all the myriad social networks are great from the couch during that Gorky show the misses is making you watch.
6. Control: I can control the TiVo, the lights and even log on to my computer with one device.
7. To fulfill a life long dream of being onfive…. “five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”