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Baseball In Seattle…

One of the two shoes have dropped in Marinerville.  We didn’t get Prince.  Which should not surprise anyone really.  Why would a player coveted by half the teams in the league uproot his family, move to Southwest Alaska, and not play for a team that cares about winning?

I flipped on sports radio this afternoon and couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Seattle fans are “glad we didn’t sign Prince for 9 years.”

You are all morons.  Stop drinking the Kool-Aid the M’s have been feeding you and have some fucking pride.  Good lord you are embarrassing yourselves.  You are the same idiots wanting us to “Suck for Luck.”  Just keep rooting for your teams to lose and not get better with false hopes for the future.  I’ll be over here watching and rooting for my teams to actually win.  These intellectual hipsters have officially pissed me off to no end.

Jack Z was on the radio all week talking about how we are a young team and we can’t have high expectations.  If we are such a young team and aren’t going to win for another 2 plus years… trade Felix already.  What’s the point of keeping him when you have young talented pitchers coming up and don’t have the bats to score any runs.  You obviously can get a package of young, position players back that will be ready to play with the Danny Holtzens of the organization.

The Mariners won’t trade Felix.  For the same reasons they didn’t trade Ichiro and signed him to 18 million dollars a year.  This team is run by the marketing department.

For the reasons above and thousands more… I’m rooting for the Texas Rangers.  Here’s 7 reasons why…

1)  Their uniforms don’t include the popular and annoying color navy.  Every boring team in the league has added navy to their uniforms.  It’s fascist.

2)  They have Nolan Ryan calling the shots.  He was my childhood idol.  I still have over 300 of his baseball cards alone.

3)  They give a shit.  I think this has been explained in enough detail.

4)  They are in the AL West.  I’ll have plenty of chances to see them live.

5)  I won’t have false promises and lies about how they are “really doing the best they can guys.”

6)  I already own a Rangers hat from my little league coaching days.  Yep, I’m a cheap bastard.

7)  They score runs.  If I see another season of 1-0 losses I’ll never stop vomiting.

I would happily jump back on the Mariners band wagon under one condition.  New ownership.  How about this guy?



I’m Calling Out The Seattle Mariners

This offseason is going to determine whether I divorce the Mariners for good.  Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times described how the Mariners are at a cross roads and need to decide between two plans moving forward.  Basicly these are the two options.

1)       Overpay for Prince Fielder plus a few other pieces and make the team competitive right now.

2)      Rebuild completely, trade Felix and play another year or two with the younger guys.

Neither plan in my opinion is wrong and either one can be debated to exhaustion.  I completely agree with Geoff’s assessment of the team and am willing to take it a step or two further.

If the Mariners continue to try to “rebuild while trying to remain competitive” I will divorce the Mariners.  Done, Fin, Out the damn door gone.

I’m tired of this team’s lack of direction and pseudo commitment to winning.  This team needs an identity and direction.  I will support the team in it’s decision as long as THEY HAVE THE BALLS TO MAKE ONE.  this mishmash of young guys with over the hill veterans has got to stop.  I just read a rumor that we’d go after Nick Swisher.  F**** that.  That is exactly the short sighted, band-aid placing I won’t tolerate.

My bags are packed Mariners.  Get your house in order and show the fans what matters.  Pick a side or continue to lose your fan base.

Retweeted by a Seattle Icon

Yes I, little ‘ol me living up in Bothell, WA was retweeted by THE Dave Simms.  Maybe not a Seattle icon, but it all went down like this:

I was tuning in to enjoy my new look Mariners on FSN when they showed Dave Simms and Mike Blowers in the booth.  Not to my surprise, Dave Simms was wearing yet another ridiculous looking hat…I know at least some of my colleagues agree that Dave Simms can be hard to listen to and completely over the top, so I know I’m not completely off my rocker here…So I was prompted to tweet the following:

how many hats does Dave Sims own? #DaveSimsMustBeStopped

Little did I know that THE Dave Simms would RT with:

I’ve lost count! It’s not a problem!!! RT @abuchanan30: how many hats does Dave Sims own? #DaveSimsMustBeStopped

Really?  That’s your response.  I’m not sure if he knew I was taking a jab at him or not.  I have to assume he did, so I do have to give him credit for taking it in stride and not taking it personally.  I gained respect for him as a professional, I just can’t stand him broadcasting for my baseball team.  Not only that, but other people defended Simms as well with their tweets:

@TheDaveSimsShow @abuchanan30 That is one sweet lid. #DaveSimsSweetLidClub.

Actually, it’s not a sweet lid.  Another gem from the peanut gallery commenting on the ridiculous white hat Simms changed his profile pic to after he retweeted me:

@TheDaveSimsShow @abuchanan30 a man can never have too many hats, and that white one is terrific!

Actually, even if he only had that one hat, it would be one too many.  And here’s the last one…not really worth mentioning since it’s bland, but here it is anyways:

@TheDaveSimsShow @abuchanan30 Nice Hat Dave!!

So what does this all mean?  Nothing really, other than I’ve proven that Dave Simms doesn’t really care what I think, and I’ll probably have to suffer through many more years of him on television broadcasts if I want to watch my Mariners.  Here’s to hoping that the Mariners can be competitive so that it’s worth the suffering.  I guess it could be worse.  At least we don’t have to deal with Bob Costas or Dan Fouts.  Have you ever grated your ears with a cheese grater?  That would be about the equivalent to either of those two, but that’s another topic for another time.

What TV announcer can you not stand?  TV personality?  Sound off if you have an opinion.  I’m probably not worth following, but you can find me on twitter @abuchanan30 if you haven’t figured that out already.

Excited for the Mariners future!

I know football season starts this Thursday, but before baseball becomes utterly irrelevant in Seattle, I just wanted to take a few minutes to give you all some things to be excited about for next year and beyond.

First of all, management finally signed Jack Zduriencik to an extension.  It took far too long to get this settled, but at least it got done.   Unfortunately not everything Jack has touched has turned to gold (Chone Figgins, I’m talking mainly about you), but overall he has done an outstanding job of building up our farm system by acquiring talent in the draft and through trades.

Because of Jacky Z, we finally have some young, athletic talent!  No more Jose Lopez, or a revolving door in left field, but a myriad of intriguing options.  Dustin Ackley draws comparisons to Chase Utley which has me drooling to see how this kid will grow.  Mike Carp has done the call up thing a few times and might have finally figured it out.  Justin Smoak has shown flashes of what he’s capable of doing (as I’m writing this he ropes a single to right), and am hopeful that he can reach that potential.  Add in Felix and Pineda at the top of the rotation – enough said.  If Ichiro can muster up one final swan song to send him off into Cooperstown in style, this team could make enormous strides next year.

And we finally have some pop!  I know it’s not proven, but we have some legitimate guys who can hit 20+ homers (and hit for average too).  The Mariners have finally found some good left-hand hitters that can hit it out of Safeco.  Mike Carp has had some majestic shots, and Ackley has shown that he can knock one out as well.  It might take Ackley a few years to hit 20+, but it’s not unreasonable to think he could make that jump next year.  Casper Wells never gets cheated, Trayvon Robinson is a wild card as he’s shown nice pop in the minors, and Kyle Seager has shown he can hit doubles which after some experience can translate into home runs as well.

You can have addition by subtraction.  Cutting out Milton Bradley was essential.  Figgins may get it back, but it’s not looking good.  I really just hope he can get good enough to have some trade value next year.  I was sad to see Fister go, especially after his 13K gem last night against the Indians (but good for him to finally get some run support!), but again building up our depth and talent where desperately needed.  2012 projects pretty well if the current roster players build on this recent success they have had individually and have a couple new comers step up.

Current 2012 Lineup Projection:

1. RF Ichiro
2. CF Gutierrez
3. 2B Ackley
4. DH Carp
5. 1B Smoak
6. 3B Seager
7.   C  Olivo
8. SS Ryan
9. LF Robinson

All that with Wells, Peguero, and the other exciting young players who could be there in case someone falters. And that doesn’t even mention the possibility of bringing Prince Fielder in.  I’m not a huge fan of his lack of speed, but a proven lefty cleanup stick that can hit it out of any ballpark and won’t cripple you at first if Smoak doesn’t pan out is fine by me.  Add in Fielder and I like it even more…

1. RF Ichiro
2. CF Gutierrez
3. 2B Ackley
4. DH Fielder
5. LF Carp
6. 1B Smoak
7. 3B Seager
8.   C  Olivo
9. SS Ryan

Now that gives me goosebumps.

Fire Eric Wedge

In the spirit of debate and lack of anything else going on, Joshua and I will argue whether Eric Wedge (and his mustache) is to blame for this abysmal season. Like a lawyer, I don’t necessarily believe he needs to be fired but I wanted to build the case.

Eric Wedge deserves to be fired.

Wedge is your prototypical American League manager. Because we have the DH, you should be able to fill out your lineup card, waddle it out to the ump before the game, shake hands, and your job is essentially done from the offensive standpoint. Unfortunately our team cannot play the “get a guy on first and wait for the 2 run home run” approach.

(This was popular in the steroid era. Hargrove made a career off it in Cleveland. Point is, it still exists and it’s outdated)

Wak knew this wouldn’t work last year or the year before. He sacrifice bunted and attempted to steal his way to get some runs on the board more than any other manager. This is most likely why he advocated for Donkey in free agency. I don’t need to tell you Wak was the wrong man for the job. Point being his offensive plan was not that terrible.

This is a National League team. We are essentially playing a man down because we have no DH. Wedge ignores his bench, refuses to bunt and lets the players attempt to steal bases when they feel like it. I’m tired of waiting for the 3 run homerun that’s never going to come.

Further proof of his offensive plan: Pegero.

Wedge a quarter of the season trying to turn Pegero into the team’s power hitter. This way he could play his familiar type of baseball. Hence why he got so many at bats. This team is running on hopes and dreams of a power hitter we don’t have.

Wedge isn’t paying attention to the umpires either. Our fearless leader allowed two runners to get on base by drawing 3 ball walks in consecutive weeks. Read that last sentence again. We’re not talking about 100 year old Jack Mckean taking his afternoon nap here. The most baffling part is after the second time it happened. (Paraphrasing here) Wedge claimed he knew it occurred and he allowed it because it took the Angles out of a hit and run situation. This is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. If he wanted that guy on base so bad, he would have intentionally walked him. And the guy who he wanted to pitch around? The 4 year past his prime Bobby Abreau. Now, if Wedge said he can’t get ejected from any more games this year because it would make his wife upset, it would have made more sense than this rubbish.

Not only are we playing a man down with the DH… we have guys on the team who literally have no use. I blame Jack Z for signing Cust and Donkey, but I blame Wedge for not finding them something to do. Since they aren’t playing, can they hang out in the broadcaster’s booth? They’d be better than Dave Simms right?

When a team is losing, people tend to be a little critical of the manager’s post game comments. Because I’m lazy and pissed off, I’ll do the same. If I hear Wedge tell me guys need to be more aggressive at the plate I’ll throw my plasma TV into the street. Aggressiveness = hacking the f*** away at anything in the zone. Being selective at the plate, working counts and drawing walks will lead to better pitches, more guys on base and in theory, more runs. It will also help get the starting pitcher out of the game sooner. Yes, I understand that regardless of who’s pitching, this team is dicked.

Now for the pitching staff… They are awesome. So awesome, that we have one guy in the bullpen who doesn’t even pitch. Felix and Pineda are throwing so many innings and pitches, they are going to blow their arms out by late August when this team beyond out of contention. These guys need to get a quicker hook and let the younger bullpen arms come in when the game is out of reach.

(For this team “out of reach” is defined by a 2 run deficit regardless of inning)

The debate on how to handle pitchers careers is too complex to deal with here. I just see another wasted season where our only resource is being exhausted in a lost cause.

With this disgusting roster, Wedge is playing with the deck stacked against him. His stubbornness isn’t helping himself either.

Excited about Kyle Seager?

Meet our latest Seattle Mariner, Kyle Seager.  I, for one, am very excited.  Obviously not as touted as Dustin Ackley, but anything other than Figgins is a plus!