NFL First Round Thoughts

1. Pitbull must be stopped. First Dr. Pepper now Bud Light.

2. I’m glad we traded back. Too bad we couldn’t do it again.

3. We drafted who?

4. Oh and he’s been in jail. Neato….

5. I hope Pete knows what he’s doing.

6. Just watched Irvin’s YouTube highlights… I now get it.

7. High risk high reward pick. Could be the next Jason Pierre-Paul… Or Jevon Kerse.

8. Pete and John said earlier this week they’d take a chance on someone with a checkered past. And they wanted a pure pass rusher. They didn’t lie.

9. I want to go see G.I. Joe.

10. I won’t be buying a Bruce Irvin jersey any time soon.

Thoughts? Anyone think this is a fantastic move? Couldn’t we have traded out of the first round for this guy?


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