Jonesy’s Random Thoughts – Episode 2

The below opinions are of the author alone and not reflective of Thirdand7’s staff.

  • In 2 months my son will be born. It’s both extremely exciting and terrifying to care for a baby again.
  • This week Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol comes out on DVD; I highly reccommend picking it up. It’s by far the best of the series.
  • I really dislike The ‘Pen at Safeco Field. If I wanted to go to a club, I’d go to a club, not a baseball game. Stupid youth of America.
  • It’s pretty cool having a house with a yard, even knowing that days like today will eventually mean I’ll have to be outside working in it instead of watching TV with Lucy.
  • This year’s annual MLB bet with my boss has been made: Whichever team makes it the furthest in the season, the winner gets the Jersey of their choice. She chose the Yankees, I chose the Tigers. We’ve done this 2 years prior and have split the wins.
  • I jumped on the Draw Something bandwagon because the whole world did. I got bored very quickly, I don’t think it translates very well, they need to make some changes. There should be a timer and there should not be scrambled letters (which you can just stare at to guess).
  • Ted looks absolutely hilarious. HILARIOUS!
  • When baby comes I will have the following TV shows to watch: Boardwalk Empire, King of Thrones and Friday Night Lights.
  • Is it considered a nap if you wake up at 7 and go back to sleep from 8:30 to 10?
  • After 11 games, the Mariners are 6-5 and in 2nd Place in the AL West. Only 151 Games to go!
  • We did the Speed Pitch at the Mariners game yesterday. I topped out at 65mph and my arm feels like rubber today.

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