Baseball In Seattle…

One of the two shoes have dropped in Marinerville.  We didn’t get Prince.  Which should not surprise anyone really.  Why would a player coveted by half the teams in the league uproot his family, move to Southwest Alaska, and not play for a team that cares about winning?

I flipped on sports radio this afternoon and couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Seattle fans are “glad we didn’t sign Prince for 9 years.”

You are all morons.  Stop drinking the Kool-Aid the M’s have been feeding you and have some fucking pride.  Good lord you are embarrassing yourselves.  You are the same idiots wanting us to “Suck for Luck.”  Just keep rooting for your teams to lose and not get better with false hopes for the future.  I’ll be over here watching and rooting for my teams to actually win.  These intellectual hipsters have officially pissed me off to no end.

Jack Z was on the radio all week talking about how we are a young team and we can’t have high expectations.  If we are such a young team and aren’t going to win for another 2 plus years… trade Felix already.  What’s the point of keeping him when you have young talented pitchers coming up and don’t have the bats to score any runs.  You obviously can get a package of young, position players back that will be ready to play with the Danny Holtzens of the organization.

The Mariners won’t trade Felix.  For the same reasons they didn’t trade Ichiro and signed him to 18 million dollars a year.  This team is run by the marketing department.

For the reasons above and thousands more… I’m rooting for the Texas Rangers.  Here’s 7 reasons why…

1)  Their uniforms don’t include the popular and annoying color navy.  Every boring team in the league has added navy to their uniforms.  It’s fascist.

2)  They have Nolan Ryan calling the shots.  He was my childhood idol.  I still have over 300 of his baseball cards alone.

3)  They give a shit.  I think this has been explained in enough detail.

4)  They are in the AL West.  I’ll have plenty of chances to see them live.

5)  I won’t have false promises and lies about how they are “really doing the best they can guys.”

6)  I already own a Rangers hat from my little league coaching days.  Yep, I’m a cheap bastard.

7)  They score runs.  If I see another season of 1-0 losses I’ll never stop vomiting.

I would happily jump back on the Mariners band wagon under one condition.  New ownership.  How about this guy?



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