An Open Letter to an Evil Woman

I’m not typically one to air out personal grievances, but I was finally pushed over the edge with a single act. This is all directed at my grandmother. My grandpa has always just been a fly on the wall in my eyes, just staying out of the way.

In my eyes, I have only one set of grandparents. See after my parents divorced I never saw much of my Dad’s side of the family; we would pretty much only see each other at Christmas. Now Christmas is the time of year that a child looks forward to the most; this was not the case with my visits to the Jones Grandparents house. While my cousins would get video game systems and the hottest new toy, I would get clothes of the clearance rack.

Now when Lucy was born I pretty much had zero connection to the Joneses, so I figured I wouldn’t have to let them share in the joy of Lucy. But they managed to get in, which I guess a part of me was hoping they would be accepting and show her anything resembling a grandparents love. Again I was wrong. For Christmas and for her 1 year birthday we received the same shitty gifts I used to receive; clearance rack clothes and toys. Now I know that we should just be grateful to receive any kind of gift, but I would rather her just save her money.

Now for the good stuff:

Lucy received a birthday present from the Joneses, her 2nd Birthday. Upon opening the random items in the package, I pulled out this:

A Child Leash. A Fucking Child Leash.

Now if you don’t know what’s happened to me in the last 2 years, read up here.

If you are familiar with Lucy’s situation, then you realize how insane it is to give a Child Leash to a child who is wheelchair bound. My daughter will never walk, thanks for the reminder Grandma! Now some might defend her and say she’s just an old senile bat who doesn’t understand. Those people are wrong. She is a conniving, evil bitch and she knows exactly what she did.

I hate you Mary Jones. Leave my family alone.


One thought on “An Open Letter to an Evil Woman

  1. She is the most evil person I have met in my entire life. Send her this letter and box up all the crap and send it back to her. Remember it is her loss, you don’t need her… are loved by so many people!

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