Roger Goddell Must Be Stopped

The “Ginger Hammer” is officially out of control. He should be thrown out on the street for his piss poor management of the NFL.

NFL does not stand for National Flag-Football League.

My fake lawyer wants me to start this by saying I do not want players to get hurt. Except Ben Roethlisberger, Phillip Rivers, Mike Vick… (ok I’m kind of a prick now that I think about it)  The point is, I grew up knowing that YOU NEVER GO OVER THE MIDDLE unless you wanted to get hit. Hard.

Roger has changed the rules to protect the quarterback and receivers so much that the ref’s are forced to throw a flag on every collision. Legal or not. There is no way a ref, in real time, can decide if a player led with his helmet on a hit. On top of this; a person’s reaction when they know a hit is coming, is to lower their head and brace for impact. So unless defensive backs start aiming for the receiver’s nuts, you are going to see helmet to helmet contact in football. It’s unavoidable.

Now a scenario for you to ponder:

You are a backup safety in the NATIONAL FOOTBAL LEAGUE! (TM Ron Jawarski) A wide recierver is coming over the middle as the ball is in flight. You have two choices:

A: Blow the receiver up.

Consequences: Get a 15 yard penalty and a fine between 10 and 50K which is basically a game check. Then maybe a game suspension if you’re a repeat offender.

B: Let the guy make the catch and then tackle him.

Consequences: Congratulations, you just got cut.  The next guy in line would have made the hit. You now get the privilege of selling insurance for a fraction of what you were making in the league.

Fines are obviously determined by a spinning wheel of death, or dart board, or something…

Another issue I have is the lack of logic in assessing fines. A player for the Bears got fined 10 grand for wearing orange shoes in a game.  He was also sent a letter saying he would be suspended if he continues to wear them.

Another player on the Eagles was fined $7,500 for ENDING OUR FRANCHISE LEFT TACKLE with a cheap shot outside the play.  Oh and NO SUSPENSION.

You will also be suspended longer for testing positive for a dietary supplement than stomping on another player’s arm on national TV, on Thanksgiving, with my grandmother watching.

He’s Spamming me!

Roger also got my email address last year when I ordered my Packers Super Bowl Champion T-Shirt (Oh yes I did!).  So he decided to spam the hell out of me to tell me how great the league is and to buy more shit. Thanks Rog, I couldn’t unsubscribe fast enough. Just because the subject says “Message from Roger Goddell” doesn’t mean I’m going to read it.  Asshat.

The TV situation is asinine.

The NFL needs to address their TV mess. NFL Network is not available to people who subscribe to Time Warner or other cable providers.  It’s available to the rest of us, but requires a premium cable package. The cable company does this because the NFL is charging them more to carry the channel. They are just passing along the cost.

Then, you have to pay even more for the Red Zone Channel. Both channels should be on extended basic for free. There’s no excuse for this. ESPN, as I have bitched before, needs more competition. Increase advertising or something if you have to. I’m not watching another Jets / Bills game again.

Then you have Sunday Ticket which is only available on Direct TV. Many people can’t get direct TV because of the limited access to satellite dishes. Sunday Ticket should be an expensive adder, but at least offered to anyone who has cable or satellite service. Roger wont fix this because he’s too busy counting his money.


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