Seahawks MNF Drinking Game

While watching the Seahawks take on the Rams tonight, play this little game with us.

1) Every time Jon Gruden or Jaws days “National Football League” when “NFL” or “league” would suffice, drink.

2) When the camera shows Bill Leavey and reminds us of Super Bowl XL, take a shot. (that memory hurts)

3) When an announcer praises a shitty player, (t-jack, brandstander, whitehurst) drink.

4) Drink when you hear something that can be misunderstood as “dirty.” Example: “You gotta hit the hole and get penetration right about now.”

5) Drink when you hear the following. Beast mode, skittles, Tebow, compete, motor, playmaker.

6) Drink when you see that lame Lexus commercial. Nobody’s getting a car for Christmas you assholes.

7) Drink for every Rams turnover.

Go ‘Hawks!


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