Consumer Therapy – New Releases (Week of 12/5/2011)

Thirdand7: Consumer Therapy. Each week we will spotlight some of the latest CD and DVD; So check out the latest installment below.

CD Releases

  • The Black Keys: El Camino. The most anticipated Rock Album of the Year has finally graced us with its presence. The Black Keys are THE best band in music right now and I cannot wait to get this album. Recommended for fans of: Kings of Leon, Young The Giant
  • Robin Thicke: Love After War. The son of Growing Pains star Alan Thicke is back with more whiteboy soul to get you in the mood. I’ve been a fan since he was a long haired bike messenger, the newer stuff has more B&G feelings behind it. Recommended for fans of: Anthony Hamilton, Justin Timberlake
  • The Roots: Undun. Your favorite hip-hop band is back with their first concept album about a man who dies too young and then reflects on his life. Recommended for fans of: N*E*R*D, Common

DVD Releases

  • The Hangover: Part II. The sequel to the highest grossing R-Rated comedy of all-time became the 2nd highest grossing R-Rated comedy of all-time. I really enjoyed it, while it’s basically the same concept as the 1st one, the laughs still continue. Recommended for fans of: The Hangover, Bridesmaids
  • Cowboys & Aliens. When I first saw the trailer for this film it became a Must See based on 3 things: Indy, Bond and Favreau. Once it came it out though, I lost interest due to mediocre reviews and lack of overall interest in getting to the theater. Recommended for fans of: Wild Wild West, True Grit
  • The Debt. I enjoyed The Debt back when I saw it in theaters this summer; it was a very well directed/acted spy thriller that kept you guessing till the end. Definately worthy of a viewing. Recommended for fans of: Munich, State of Play

Check Back Next Week for Another Installment


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