Call of Duty MWIII Reviewed by a 14 Year Old

Because I’m a married adult, I was unable to run out and purchase the latest edition of the Call of Duty franchise.  My 14-year-old brother has no life (because he’s 14) and somehow finagled this game out of his older sister on release day.  We haven’t actually seen him since.  He came out of his cave long enough to write this review in hopes that we’d make him a regular contributor.  If he plagiarized it, I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked.  Enjoy.

Infinity Ward’s release of their new game Modern Warfare 3.

There’s been a lot of speculation about the new game, but this game far outranks any other first person shooters on the market. I’ll go through the different versions of the game explaining the differences.

Campaign:  The story of the game is a sequel of the past two Modern Warfare games.  The beginning starts you off as a part of an ambushed military convoy, then proceeds to take you through missions involving strategy, stealth, and fast-paced combat scenarios.  Campaign is the perfect way to establish how the game is played and gives the player a sneak peek of the guns in Multiplayer.

Multiplayer:  This option adds more variety to the mix and is what I play most.  Xbox Live or Playstation Network is the best way to play against others.  If you don’t have the internet on your machine, you can play split screen like the old Goldeneye days.  There is a multitude of maps, including an even larger arrangement of match types.  They are Team Death Match, Free-For-All, and Search and Destroy.  Also, custom classes that let you make your own gun set up.  Then you get to play your own style. 

Special Operations (Spec Ops):  Spec Ops has two versions; Missions and Survival.  Survival is simple, stay alive as long as you can against waves of attacks.  Each wave gets harder, piling on attack dogs and juggernauts (very heavily armed people).  The missions are a very different game.  Each mission is ranges from rescue, to assassinations, to basic survival.  Spec Ops has been in the other Modern Warfare games, but this one has definitely been the best.


2 thoughts on “Call of Duty MWIII Reviewed by a 14 Year Old

    1. About 5 years ago he kicked the crap out of me at one of the COD games. I made him play me Goldeneye so I could get vengeance. And I most certainly did.

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