Jonesy’s Mid-Season NFL Awards

I don’t normally chime in on the sports action around these parts, mostly because I feel my opinion might be viewed as less valued since I don’t read daily sports blogs or know every up and coming player in every relevant league. But I love doing lists! So I’m gonna take a stab at handing out some Awards for the first half of what has been an up and down season:

     Rookie of the Year: Andy Dalton- Bengals
I know it’s not the sexy sportswriter pick, as most would choose Cam Newton. But statistics aside, how many wins does Newton have for the pitiful Panthers? Answer: 2. So my vote goes to Dalton, who has lead the Bengals out of the cellar to a 6-2 record and a share of 1st place in the division. Plus, the kid’s a ginger, so he needs some pity votes.

     Most Valuable Player: Calvin Johnson- Lions
The obvious, unanimous choice is Aaron Rodgers; so I won’t pick him. I’m gonna go with a guy that is constantly on SportsCenter for having a mind-blowing gameday performance. Megatron is amazing. I would trade everyone on the Seahawks to have him as my #1 receiver. The Lions wouldn’t have more than 2 wins without him; hell the Lions would be in the Luck drawing without him.

     Least Valuable Player: Chris Johnson- Titans
Talk about the bust of the year. The average fantasy football draft pick for Johnson was 5; that’s a lot of people who have their 5th overall pick on the bench every week in lue of guys like Jackie Battle. I think there is more to the story than we know; is it any surprise that this failure of a season happened right after Johnson held out and was awarded with a $13.4 average yearly salary? Surprisingly, the Titans are still in the divisional hunt, no thanks to this piece of shit.

     Biggest Suprise of the Year: Indianapolis Colts (0-9)
Now, we all knew the Colts wouldn’t be gangbusters this year with Peyton “Golden God” Manning out for what was projected to be 6-8 weeks. But did anyone really see them going 0-9? Hell, at this point a 0-16 season is very much in the cards for this team. I couldn’t imagine what that locker room is like every Sunday; at this point the players have given up. One also has to believe, at this point, that the big boss Jim Irsay has an alterior motive for the Andrew Luck campaign. Can you imagine? One of the once premier teams in the league is going to get the Top Rated Prospect since John Elway, just as the team is headed towards the toilet again. Sidenote: I think Andrew Luck is gonna be mediocre at best, like a Jay Cutler. Make fun of me all you want, but I like what I see in Matt Barkley and hope he can be the next Seahawk QB. Jeffrey you can bash me in another post.

Premature Super Bowl Prediction:
Green Bay Packers vs. Baltimore Ravens
Headline: Packers Win 35-28 on Aaron Rodgers Last Minute Drive to Become First Back-to-Back Champ since 2005.



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