Seahawks Vs Cowboys Live Blog

We are a half hour away from kickoff so of course I’m checking out my horrible fantasy football team… Here’s our standings.  You will see I’m in last place (RIP AL Davis) and my wife (Coach Luv) is in first…  Go figure…

So I’ll be throwing my ramblings up as the game happens.  If you want to join the conversation, feel free to post on the comments or on our Facebook Page.  I’ll be throwing up texts / emails from fellow friends and family.

My pregame prediction is 24-17 Dallas.  We’ll see how it pans out.

9:53 Am…Predictions are rolling in… 

@insidersteve who has a great blog on his own predicts 33-13 Dallas.  He’s definitely worth a follow on the Twitter device.

Long time friend Dan “Big Country” predicts 24-14 Seahawks.  He’s Twitter free.

Famous Thirdand7 blog subject Shawn Knight predicts 24-9 Dallas.  He will have a Twitter account soon or I will no longer be his friend.

Ok, During the national anthem, Fox keeps cutting in highlights… how unpatriotic.  Drink every time Fox (or more likely Terry Bradshaw) ruins something…

10:00 Am

Surprising nobody, Tarvaris is starting.  Tim Ryan and Chris Meyers are on the call.  I’m underwhelmed by this duo.  Seahawks will be wearing their “Home Blue” as the Cowboys are in their traditional white jerseys.  Fun fact… The Seahawks are the only team in the league to never wear white jerseys at home…  (the more you know).  Oh, and I hate Jay Glazer.

10:10 AM

Just in time, @jonze33 predicts 24 – 17 Hawks.  Same score predicted as me but with a different team winning.  My “Neighbor” predicts 17-14 Seattle.

Cowboys start the game with the ball.  Rookie Demarco Murry is starting at RB for Felix Jones who ruined my fantasy football life.  2 False starts on the first drive for Dallas.  This could be a sloppy game.  I would expect Dallas to throw to set up the run.

One more Prediction: 24-10 Dallas by our own @abuchanan30.

Seahawks first offensive drive stalls with a false start penalty and two uninspired pass attempts.

Dez Bryant is the ‘Hawks MVP for catching a punt inside his 5 and getting tackled inside the 3.  Cowboys Ball.  We’ll see if the defense can push them back.

10:20 AM

Tim Ryan is shocked a guy nobody heard of was drafted in the 3rd round…  Dez makes up for his punt return attempt to catch a 39 yard ball from Romo.  Seahawks poor tackling  is concerning.  Romo makes all the throws when it’s not the 4th Quarter.  Lebron James can relate.

I’m already tired of Tim Ryan.  Dallas drive stalls and they settle for a FG.

10:30 AM

Hey guys, you can follow @Cleatusonfox and tell him how much you hate his face.  Just saying.

Text from my “Neighbor” – “Well, my score prediction is dicked.  This is why I don’t bet.”

Jaime Maggio from the sidelines – Tarvaris feels fine.  But it hurts to throw.  No kidding?  Thank God she’s there…

Tarvaris just ran the “throw it up for a pass interference” play on 3rd down.  I guess that’s one way to move the chains.

10:40 AM

Steven Hauschka (I’m not looking his name up, he’s a damn kicker) hit’s a knuckle ball that clears the crossbar by about 12 inches to tie up the game.  Never seen an uglier 45 yard FG.

End of the first quarter, tied at 3.  We need to improve on the tackling and cut down on the penalties.

@Jonze33 “Solid first quarter #Seahawks. Now don’t forget to let Romo lose this game for the #cowboys

10:45 AM
Tim Ryan starts backing Romo… Must have been given a memo by FOX producers.  Ok, he does have 141 yards passing…
Just checked the fantasy league… Murray has been picked up…
‘Hawks bend but don’t break and hold Dallas to a FG.  Dallas moved the ball pretty easily on that drive.  Cowboy fans not pleased after seeing two trips into the red zone end in FGs.  6-3 Dallas.
Dear Coors Light, stop asking me questions about beer.  And I don’t give a damn how cold it is.  I can control the temperature of the beer.  You should try to control the fact that it tastes like ass.

10:58 AM

‘Hawks unable to respond, 3 and out.

I’ll go ahead and say this for the rest of America… The Geico Cavemen are ‘effed out.  We are done.  Stick with the British/Australian lizard.

Seahawks getting out gained 209-51 yards.  Scratch that… Murray just broke off another huge run.  Is it too early to crack open a beer?

Holy shit.  Dez was about to walk into the end zone but Richard Sherman just BLEW  HIM  UP.  Hawks ball!  Hold the beer!

11:02 AM

The wife is conflicted.  She has Dez on her team.  She may never play fantasy football again.

Dallas challenging the play.  I think it stands.

KFC adding bacon and cheese to potatos and deep fried chicken and patting themselves on the back.  College kids have been doing this for years.

11:07 AM

Doug Baldwin > Golden Tate

Chris Meyers points out how the crowd is not into this game.  This is a good sign for the ‘Hawks.  I am one of the people who believe momentum matters.  Stats geeks disagree.

Mike Williams is on the field?  I forgot he was out there… 1st down!

11:15 AM

Tracy Porter was taken to the hospital.  He must have had a flashback to last season’s playoff game.

I hate the empty backfield on 3rd and 3.  Tarvaris elects to throw the ball away rather than find his second option wide open.  He’s playing to not lose, rather than to win.  Hawks settle for the FG and were tied at 6.

11:20 AM

@Jonze33 – Score would show #seahawks #cowboys game is as epic as LSU Bama

My Neighbor at the exact same time… – “This game has a very similar score to Alabama/ LSU.  Too early to call this the “game of the century?”

To both of them, I agree.

11:30 AM

Half Time Thoughts

Everyone agrees that the Allstate “streaker” commercial is great and all the other ones currently suck.

I’m for I-1183.  There you go… I went all political on your ass.

Shawn Knight – “Quit throwing to Rice”

@Jonze33 – “Another barn burner! We’d have the lead if Tjack would look at other receivers”

Terry Bradshaw thinks this game shouldn’t even be close.  Whatever you say, moron.  Keep choking on your words.  Oh, he just effed up the highlights. EVERYONE DRINK!

Seahawks being out gained 304 – 134.  Hawks have 59 yards passing and 75 yards rushing.

11:42 AM

‘Hawks open with 2 straight running plays.  Then… holding…next run stopped…incomplete pass…drive over.

Dan – “If Marshawn was Germany…the Cowboy defense would be Poland”  I like the optimism.

Tim Ryan points out how missed tackles are killing the Hawks.  I agree.  Tim Ryan isn’t terrible.

11:48 AM

KJ Wright pulls an Aaron Curry impersonation and lets Witten walk into the end zone for our first TD of the game.  13-6 Dallas.  Dallas is moving the ball with ease still.

The Hawks normally can make good second half adjustments.  We’ll see if they can button it up.

12:00 PM

Screen plays on 3rd and long are the devil. That fooled nobody.

Good lord.  Worst attempts at blocking on a FG I’ve ever seen.

The momentum is really starting to swing towards Dallas.  Hawks need a turnover to make up for the huge chunks of yards they are giving up.


12:06 PM

Tarvaris successfully avoids a sack and in doing so throws the ball to the Cowboy defense.  Crap…

“Neighbor” – “I don’t care who you root for, great fucking block on the FG. Wow.”

@Jonze33 – “Oh my god.  I’m turning the game off if they put Charlie in”

12:16 PM

Shawn Knight – “Tell me again why we didn’t need to keep Hasselbeck?”

4th Quarter

Hawks begin inside the red zone.  Need another big stop to stay in the game.  a TD would be a killer for our anemic offense.

And there it is.  20-6 Dallas. It’s clearly Romo’s night.  He even got the hold down.

In non football info.. I’m finally due for a new phone.  Iphone 4s or Droid Razr?  Anyone?  Anyone?  I need help…

If you get in your Chevy Silverado to drive out of cell phone range… what happens when you are attached by a bear?  Oh yeah… On Star.  YOUR STILL BEING TRACKED!

12:20 PM

Tarvaris throws the worst pick of the season.  Maybe he was hoping for pass interference?  But it wasn’t 3rd down.  I’m confused.

Neighbor – “You know, I really like Tarvaris.  I think he’s tough and a gamer, and I like his effort.  I just don’t think he’s very good at football.”

Tarvaris’s QB rating… 35.4.

The wheels are falling off.

12:30 PM

Do we like the Bud Light ads?

Viagra, you’ve proven your point.  I’ll call you in 30 years.

Marshawn breaks 100 yards rushing for the first time all season.  LOOKING FOR POSITIVES HERE PEOPLE!

Tarvaris is driving for some garbage points.  The O-line didn’t get the memo.  They are getting countless holding penaltys and are not holding their blocks at all.  6 guys should be able to block 4.

12:45 PM

Lynch powers through for a garbage time TD.  I’m happy for him and glad Tarvaris didn’t come out of the game.  He needs to play through this stuff if he wants to lead the team.  Cliche… I realize this.

Mike Salk tweeted this question which I will answer.  “would you trade this Hawks team for the Cowboys?”  I say no.  We are younger and have a better base of talent for the next couple years.  We have a much higher ceiling than Dallas.

The defense should have been able to stop a rookie RB.  Poor tackling really hurt us today.

If you’re in the Seattle area, you’ll get to watch GB vs SD or Tim Tebow vs OAK.  Enjoy your afternoon games.


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