Consumer Therapy – New Releases (Week of 10/31/2011)

Thirdand7: Consumer Therapy. Each week we will spotlight some of the latest CD and DVD releases that we either enjoy or are being paid to endorse (I wish). So check out the latest installment below.

CD Releases

  • Florence + The Machine- Ceremonials. I think she’s a one hit wonder, but 107.7 The End is hell bent on making sure I have at least 2 of her songs stuck in my head every week. Recommended for fans of: Adele, Feist
  • Coldplay- Mylto Xyloto. I enjoy Coldplay. I do not think Coldplay are the new U2. U2 are obnoxious and Coldplay are not. The most annoying thing about Coldplay is Gwyneth Paltrow. Recommended for fans of: Snow Patrol, MuteMath
  • She & Him- A Very She & Him Christmas. This one is for Chase; She & Him (Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward) have released a wonderful album of Christmas music the week before Halloween. I will admit though, if I have to listen to Christmas music, I’m choosing this album. Recommended for fans of: Michael Buble, The Decemberists

DVD Releases

  • Cars 2. PIXAR is back with the sequel to the smash hit that brought vehicles to life. I never was interested in seeing the 1st film, but now that I have a little one, I guess she might like to see this. Recommended for fans of: Toy Story, The Incredibles
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love. The best reviewed romantic comedy of the year, I am eagerly awaiting this to be delivered via Blockbuster Mail. Plus Ryan Gosling is kinda hot. Recommended for fans of: Friends With Benefits, Love Actually
  • Californication: Season 4. Unfortunately I’ve lost track of this show as nobody seems to want to buy it on DVD. I really do have a man crush on Duchovny, so should you. Recommended for fans of: Weeds, Hung

Check Back Next Week for Another Installment


One thought on “Consumer Therapy – New Releases (Week of 10/31/2011)

  1. One comment on the whole Coldplay thing:

    I agree they aren’t the new U2. Last I checked, U2 was still around and still making music, so I don’t think there can be a “new U2” while U2 are still current. That whole comparison has been bandied around WAY too much by half-educated music critics trying to sound smart. Yes, they both happen to be from the UK, and yes, they both like reverb on their guitars (who doesn’t?).

    However, both bands do have this in common: their music was infinitely better BEFORE they became everyone’s favorite arena rock group. Example: compare U2’s studio albums from ’83-87 (War, The Unforgettable Fire, The Joshua Tree) to their utterly hideous How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (someone should tell Bono the Irish aren’t meant to count in Spanish – one, two, three….fourteen? Really?!!!). Or, compare Coldplay’s first two studio albums (or their AMAZING Live 2003 LP – check out the previously unreleased “Moses” for Coldplay par excellence, in my humble opinion) to their later work. I, for one, much prefer the former. Yes, I know they received a Grammy or two, etc. etc., and yes, I know their later work has much more “common” appeal; artistically though, I just don’t think it stands up. The same goes for U2: they’re like the largest rock concert draw in the world to this day, but artistically…a little stagnant (to put it mildly). Neither band seems to have nearly as much to say as they used to; that doesn’t mean they aren’t excellent musicians, it’s just a lack of artistic substance compared to earlier work.

    At any rate, I will add this caveat: I haven’t had the chance to listen to any of Mylto Xyloto yet. I probably will at some point, when my own personal taste drives me there. I would like to say that I believe U2 (at their best) to be the better of the two bands, artistically speaking. My opinion, for what it’s worth.

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