I’m Calling Out The Seattle Mariners

This offseason is going to determine whether I divorce the Mariners for good.  Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times described how the Mariners are at a cross roads and need to decide between two plans moving forward.  Basicly these are the two options.

1)       Overpay for Prince Fielder plus a few other pieces and make the team competitive right now.

2)      Rebuild completely, trade Felix and play another year or two with the younger guys.

Neither plan in my opinion is wrong and either one can be debated to exhaustion.  I completely agree with Geoff’s assessment of the team and am willing to take it a step or two further.

If the Mariners continue to try to “rebuild while trying to remain competitive” I will divorce the Mariners.  Done, Fin, Out the damn door gone.

I’m tired of this team’s lack of direction and pseudo commitment to winning.  This team needs an identity and direction.  I will support the team in it’s decision as long as THEY HAVE THE BALLS TO MAKE ONE.  this mishmash of young guys with over the hill veterans has got to stop.  I just read a rumor that we’d go after Nick Swisher.  F**** that.  That is exactly the short sighted, band-aid placing I won’t tolerate.

My bags are packed Mariners.  Get your house in order and show the fans what matters.  Pick a side or continue to lose your fan base.


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