Marketing Of Cell Phones

I’m becoming obsessed with how smart phones are being marketed and advertised.  I want to take a minute to compare the Apple and Android campaigns.


Apple is marketed as friendly, fun, & easy to use.  They even have a white phone so you can be all bright and cheery.  (YAY)  The new Apple operating system even has a uber polite assistant named Siri.  If you ask Siri who the hell he thinks he is, he replies with, “I’m a humble personal assistant”.  HOW FUN IS THAT!



The Android phones are marketed as the most powerful phones on earth.  I think they are going after the super hero villain demographic, bent on world domination.  Droids are going to turn on us like the Terminator.  It even has a glowing red eye!  These hellish devices are becoming “self aware” and will soon come after us.  You can’t convince me otherwise.

The only thing about the Droid phones I don’t like from a marketing perspective is that there’s no hierarchy for what phone is newer or better than the last.  You have to put your “nerd hat” on to figure out why one is $500 cheaper than the next.  And don’t trust the kid at the store.


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