SMA Must Be Stopped: Seattle Walk-N-Roll

Hello Friends-
Our efforts to raise money to find a cure for SMA continues this Sunday, October 16th with our Annual Cure SMA Seattle Walk-N-Roll. If you are interested in joining us for the walk please visit the below link and register for a $20 donation. If you choose to register, please make sure to select I Love Lucy from the Team Info page.
If you are unable to attend the walk but would like to make a donation to the team, you can also do so through the below link. To do so, please click on the Find A Walker button from the main page and select I Love Lucy from the team listing. From there you can find my name and Donate To This Fundraiser.
The site is a little wonky to navigate, so if you have any issues or questions please let me know.
Event Details:   October 16th @ 10 AM Registration, Walk Starts @ 11 AM
Location:          Bathhouse Theatre in Greenlake Park
7312 W. Greenlake Drive North
Seattle, WA 98115
Thank you all once again for taking the time to read; please feel free to forward this information to anyone that might also be able to contribute.
Love The Joneses

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