Why We Watch – Seahawks Vs NYG

The Seahawks had no business winning this game. “Survivor Pools” around the country just took a huge dump. Nobody (including myself) gave the ‘Hawks a chance.

I offered to skip today’s game to help my grandparents get some work done around the house. I’m glad they didn’t take me up on it.

Game Stats:

Eli had 420 yards passing.
Giants D forced 3 turnovers. Two in the red zone.
Starting ‘Hawks QB was knocked out of the game.

And the Giants lost… If you had told me those three things would happen before the game started I would have bet my truck the ‘Hawks lose the game. But they didn’t.

Last year, Charlie (Buddy Christ) got his first career start against the Giants. And he sucked. Seattle fans saw enough of him and have called him every name in the book since. Today, he came in for an injured T-Jack and got to redeem himself. He pulled out the W and may have earned himself some respect with the fans and the other players. Maybe he earned some reps with the first team during the bye week.

Anyway, this is why we watch, this is why we believe, and this is why Pete and company deserve our patience.

Go ‘Hawks.


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