Consumer Therapy – New Releases (Week of 10/3/2011)

Thirdand7: Consumer Therapy. Each week we will spotlight some of the latest CD and DVD releases that we either enjoy or are being paid to endorse (I wish). So check out the latest installment below.

CD Releases

  • Jack’s Mannequin- People and Things. I love me some piano-pop, and Mr. Andrew McMahon is by far my favorite artist of the genre. It’s not quite as sunny as Something Corporate, but damn it’s good. Recommended for fans of: OneRepublic, Maroon 5
  • New Found Glory- Radiosurgery. NFG is my band, I will defend them till the day I die. They aren’t going to win any Grammy’s, but damn is it nice to listen to music that makes you forget about the horrible life you are currently stuck living in. Recommended for fans of: Sum 41, All Time Low
  • MuteMath- Odd Soul. MuteMath returns with more of the same: altrock/pop/electronica/dance envoking music. Recommended for fans of: Head Automatica, Radiohead

DVD Releases

  • The Lion King. The Disney Classic is out of the vault and on Blu Ray. I cannot wait to watch this with Lucy, minus the whole uncle killing the father part. Recommended for fans of: Aladdin, The Little Mermaid
  • Fast Five. Say what you will, I believe the Fast and Furious films have been overall a success in providing Summer audiences with adrenaline rushing action. I cannot wait to see this one. Recommended for fans of: Point Break, Fast and Furious
  • Scream 4. I love Scream, it’s one of my top 10 all time favorite films. I am man enough to admit that it’s been downhill since the original, but the return to Woodsboro lives up the promise. Recommended for fans of: Scream, Friday the 13th

Check Back Next Week for Another Installment


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