Why you need a tablet

As a nerd, certified and a licensed, I have wanted a tablet since, well… I guess the first time I saw characters on Star Trek with them. I wanted all the world’s information at my finger tips, control of my surroundings and more. But it wasn’t just Star Trek, it’s every sci-fi show and movie. The future, it would seem, is rife with flat, handheld computers.


When the iPad was first announced I realized that that childhood dream was coming to fruition. I could have that magical gadget from sci-fi. But I waited. No one buys version one, or should at least. So when the iPad 2 came out I thought some more. And waited a little longer. I wanted to see what the other computer makers had to offer.


Then I bought an iPad 2. Sure, there’s are other options, but the iPad 2 seems to be the best for now. Maybe not forever, but for now.

Since I got it I have read more, communicated more and discovered a new love of casual games.

You need a tablet for 7 reasons:
1. Content consumption: tablets are the future of magazines and newspapers. In fact, tablet might be the only way they survive. Then theres the Internet. Sure, it’s great on a phone, better on the computer, but for casual surfing, the tablet is the way to go.
2. Entertainment: despite Netflix totally hosing everyone, it’s pretty great to watch tv or movies on a tablet. As more content comes available it will be even better
3. Reading: Kindle and the like on iPad or android tablets is amazing. Almost better than a real book in so many ways. The biggest being weight.
4. Games: I am not a huge gamer, but casual, simple games are great on a tablet.
5. Staying in touch: email, Facebook and all the myriad social networks are great from the couch during that Gorky show the misses is making you watch.
6. Control: I can control the TiVo, the lights and even log on to my computer with one device.
7. To fulfill a life long dream of being onfive…. “five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”


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