The 7 Best Apps

Voted on by me… because I wrote it and have nobody to talk to…  I’m not a big app guy and I don’t have many because my phone is the spawn of Satan. (60 more days…)  These are the apps worth my time.

1)       Facebook For Android. It’s faster than using the mobile site.

2)      Twitter For Android. Yes, I tweet.  Deal with it.

3)      WordPress.  I can quickly bitch about my phone without booting up my computer! What a world we live in!

4)      ESPN ScoreCenter.  I’m assuming it runs faster on better phones.  This app keeps my sanity while shopping with the misses.

5)      Shazam.  The reason smart phones were invented.  I’d list Pandora here, but my phone can’t handle it.  It’s on the iPad for sure.

6)      Yelp.  Helps when you’re out of town and want to check out a new restaurant before you walk in the door.

7)      IMDB.  I always argue about what actor was in what movie.  “You know, the guy from My Cousin Vinny!” This app settles most bets before they escalate into brawls.

What apps am I missing out on?


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