Seahawks vs Steelers

Week 2  Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburg Steelers

Dear Steelers,

Oh how we hate you.  I can’t even express the fullest extent of hate I have for everything you are and represent.  You stole our best chance at a championship and you will never be forgiven.

Tell me this you black and gold bastards, how much did you pay Roger (the ginger hammer) Goodell to play this game at Pittsburg?  It must have been a lot because you even got BILL LEAVY to referee.  You remember, the guy who admitted last year that he was the reason you won Super Bowl XL.  Sweet Jesus, you can’t stop f*cking us over can you!?

Anyway, you are probably still embarrassed by the beating you just took from the Ravens last week and are looking to take out your anger on the ‘Hawks.  We’ll see how that goes.   Your QB got married and it’s clearly affecting his play.  I swear he threw two of those pics with his eyes closed.  Maybe Big-Fat-Ben should go back to sexual assaulting in order to get his groove back.  I don’t remember or care what Santonio Holmes got in trouble for, but apparently it was worse than rape because he got traded and Ben is still there.

Oh, and tell Omar Epps over on your sideline that he was no Willie Mays Hayes, ok?

Sincerely, Jeffrey, Angry ‘Hawks Fans, & Your Week 2 Opponent.


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