Consumer Therapy – New Releases (Week of 9/12/2011)

Each week we will spotlight some of the latest CD, DVD, Book, and Video Game releases that we either enjoy or are being paid to endorse (I wish). So check out the latest installment below.

CD Releases

  • Lady Antebellum- Own The Night. They blew up the radio (not just Country) with “Need You Now” and they return with what I have read is a mediocre follow up. Recommended for fans of: Taylor Swift, songs about whiskey
  • Bush- Sea of Memories. Gavin Rossdale brings back the 90’s with an alt-rock explosion reminiscent of their greatest hits; or at least they gave it a good try. Recommended for fans of: Bush, 90’s Alt-Rock
  • The Kooks- Junk of the Heart. I’ve been a strong supporter of this dance-pop british act since they busted out on the scene in 2006. Recommended for fans of: Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs

DVD Releases

  • Thor. My second favorite film of 2011, Thor surprised the hell out of me with fantastic special effects, intriguing storyline and a new hunky leading man in Chris Hemsworth. Recommended for fans of: Iron Man, Captain America
  • Star Wars Saga (Blu-Ray). The time has come. George Lucas is back to take your hard earned money as you purchase ANOTHER version of his classic space saga. I can confirm that I have purchased 3 different sets of the Star Wars films. I won’t be getting the Blu-Ray on my own accord, but if someone gets it for me for Christmas I’ll enjoy it. Recommended for fans of: Star Wars, Intergalactic Civil Wars
  • The Big Bang Theory: Season 4. I love this show and it’s quite a victory to have one of the top sitcoms on TV be a show based on geeks and featuring hours of Star Wars and Comic Book Jokes. Recommended for fans of: How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs

Check Back Next Week for Another Installment


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