ThirdAnd7 Review: The Honda Civic Tour

Thursday September 1st marked the 1st US stop of the Honda Civic Tour 2011: Starring Blink-182, My Chemical Romance and for the Seattle stop – Rancid!

The tour combatants for this show were Jeff Delauney, Jeff Laeuger and Myself. Special thanks to the Segale Properties VIP pass as we fully enjoyed the private parking, VIP lounge and free food (below) and private box seats.

First up: Rancid. Never before seen, but definitely lived up to my standard. The only reason I know about Rancid is because of Joshua Cheshier, who I really truly hoped lived in WA so he could have seen this show. No flash, no glitz; just straight up Punk Rock. Highlights: Ruby Soho, Olympia and Red Hot Moon.

After failing to find anything worthwhile at the merch stand, I’m not paying $30-$45 for a T-Shirt you assholes; we returned to our seats to watch/wait for the main show. That entailed sitting through My Chemical Romance. This was my 3rd time seeing them live, and it has been downhill since I first saw them in 2004 on the Nintendo Fusion Tour. I’m not usually one to use the term “sellout” but it can easily be applied to this band. They have changed genres more times than a girl’s emotions do; from punk to emo to glam. It was funny that they had a light show and it was 8pm with sunshine, so it didn’t really have any affect. Below is a shot of the stage during a shitty song.

Highlights: I’m Not Okay (I Promise) and “Famous Last Words”




 Blink-182. I always underestimate the amount of anxiousness and excitement that overcomes me as soon as they hit the stage. Goosebumps. It’s quite an amazing thing: a few simple chords on a guitar can trigger years of nostalgia. It wouldn’t be far from the truth to state that Blink helped make me the person I am today. I’m not talking how Justin Bieber makes teenage girls and 40 yr old men cream their pants, I’m talking how when a song hits your ear and you immediately know it’s meant for you. 2011 marks the studio return of Blink, with their new album Neighborhoods releasing 9/27. The youthful angst is still apparent, but the music itself has matured. I think I can safely speak for the group when I say that Blink did not disappoint. During the encore, the might Travis Barker conducted another magnificent drum solo. This time, with the help of a crane that put him in the air, above the crowd (see below). Overall, the highlight of the night was Blink. There is nothing, NOTHING, that can compare to the chills that came over me when “Dammit” started; pure joy. Which with the 2011 I’ve been facing, was a much needed/welcomed vacation from reality.

Highlights: “Dammit”, “Up All Night”, “The Rock Show” – and every other song they played, except “Violence”, I’ve never really liked “Violence”.


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