‘Hawks Instant Reaction Preseason Week 3

Notes from tonight’s ‘Hawks preseason game…

-I hope Jeff Reed gets hit by a bus in time for us to sign a new kicker by week one. I’ll always think of him as a Steeler.

-I’m done with Tate. Baldwin took his job tonight.

-Tavaris better get used to the pressure. Teams aren’t going to stop blitzing any time soon. He must adapt and somehow get the ball down field to keep the defense honest. I don’t care if he has to mail it.

-I hope we have a plan B at right tackle. Tom Cable has his hands full with Carpenter.

-I’m convinced Warren Moon was drinking in the broadcasting booth.

-Curt Menefee is a more talented less cheesy Dave Simms.

-This team needs Thomas Clayton. 4 running backs will be needed with this passing game. (or lack there of)

– KJ Wright is a huge man. I think he could hold down a starting linebacker job if needed this season.

– Chris Clemons is the leader of the defense. When we discussed upgrading the defensive end position in the off season, we undervalued him.

– The coaching staff has a plethora of young guys who are hungry, hopefully we can win ugly.


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