So Did the 30 Year Olds Survive Warped Tour?

Answer: Barely. More like Jeff survived without any issues and Jonesy waddled around sweaty and irritable.

Overall the experience was okay. We were there way too early for our own good, which meant we had to walk around in the 90 degree sun and kill time. The worst thing was no Sum 41; the lead singer threw his back out the day before humping your mom and they cancelled the rest of the tour. So right off the bat we were saddened. In the end it was a good way to end the Tour again.

The highlight bands we saw:
Shut Up and Deal: Didn’t plan on seeing them, stumbled upon them as soon as we got there. A Jonesy band to the fullest.
Less Than Jake: I love Less Than Jake even more after seeing them this year. They were flawless musically and hilarious with their antics. Top 5 Band Ever.
Every Avenue: A Jonesy band that I was very excited to see how they perform live. Turns out, not very good. They are purely a studio band.
Bowling For Soup: By far the best performance of the day. BFS kicks ass everytime they take the stage, and I’d consider myself an authority on that (4 times seeing them). Click here to see a video I caught of their Grammy Nominated “Girl All The Bad Guys Want”, with me singing at the top of my lungs.



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