Why are these 30 Year Olds at Warped Tour?

Okay, so we’re 28, but that’s pretty much 30 in the eyes of a teenager. Hell, they’ll probably call us Narcs; but nevertheless we are returning to our roots this weekend – Warped Tour. It’s been 5+ years since our last visit to The Gorge; and 24 hours away from our return trip I’m a little nervous.

If you don’t know Warped Tour here’s a mini breakdown: 12 hours, 65+ bands, 8 stages. You basically just wander around and catch the bands that you want to see, maybe venture out and discover a new band (previous trips have brought us Bedouin Soundclash and Mute Math). Typically The Gorge is around 90 degrees and dirty, but still a beautiful venue to enjoy a concert.

This year’s lineup is filled with bands that I have never heard of and most of them feel the need to scream angrily into a microphone. I will never understand this genre. Mixed in are a few lesser known bands that I’m a fan of and some former big names in the music industry. This column will kind of be a 2 parter, this is the pre and then I’ll do a post entry. The bands I’m looking forward to seeing are:

Against Me!
Every Avenue
Go Radio
Gym Class Heroes
Less Than Jake
MC Lars
Relient K
Sum 41

Now out of that list, I would venture to say that the average musicgoer knows 3 bands (Sum 41, Gym Class Heroes and Less Than Jake). Not a very strong lineup compared to years past. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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