In Cinemas…The Change Up

Unlike previous reviews in my collection, I’m going to start this one off first with giving you the grade of the film immediately after walking out the theater.

Grade: B-

As I stepped out of Regal Supermall 17 I turned to my cousin and said: “Well that was better than I expected it to be. And holy balls is Olivia Wilde hot.”

The film is a total cliche along the lines of any body-switch film that came before it. Two people with completely different lives end up switching bodies by some magical twist of fate. The two people start to learn things about themselves that they don’t quite like, realizing that in the end they must change who they are to protect those that they love. “The Change Up” follows this recipe to the T. Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman are totally living it up playing against their normal typecasting. The film is funny, it has moments that make you LOL (sorry) and tries to capitalize on some gross out comedy that doesn’t quite work. As mentioned above, Olivia Wilde is in this film. You might know her from recent star turns in “Tron Legacy” and “Cowboys & Aliens”. The best part of this movie upon reflection, was Olivia Wilde getting topless. I know what you’re thinking, is Jonesy now reverting back to his 16 year old self. Nay. There are not many name actresses, especially hot ones, that get naked for the arts anymore. Now after 24 hours of letting it sit, here’s my final grade.

Final Grade: F

This review could actually turn into an opinion piece based on the information I just read. I knew as I was sitting in the theater that Leslie Mann’s topless scenes were not kosher. They digitally put boobs on her in 2 scenes that in my opinion were not even necessary to the movie. This was quite the revelation for me; studios are now using CGI for evil. My heart was broken when I heard that Olivia Wilde also confirmed on Jimmy Kimmell that the best scene in the movie was also indeed altered using CGI. I’m speechless.

What kind of world do we live in, where the great technology we created has now been turned into a device of evil, preventing myself and other horndogs from being able to enjoy the wonder that is R-Rated Comedy Nudity.


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