The 7 Unwritten Rules for Fantasy Football*

*Until now

Fantasy Football Leagues are starting all around the world in the coming weeks. We have a group that has been playing for the last 15 years together. This is a small guide to help you get the most enjoyment out of the season. If you think of another rule, please add it to the comments.

1) Remember Where You Are

Is this a public or private league?
Are you with 15 year old kids or 40 year old women and judges?
Is it a group of brash blue collar Steelers’ fans?

Act accordingly. Especially if you are a guest in a very close knit group of people. Maybe dropping “P, F, & C Bombs” isn’t the best thing to do on the first day.

2) It’s a Game

At first this is one of those “no sh*t” comments but stay with me. Don’t take any game too seriously. You won’t make a living off of gambling on football so don’t try to start now. It’s more important that your favorite team wins than your fantasy team.

Also keep your message board comments football related. Religion/politics are not acceptable. Unless you are letting your friend know you are praying for his horribly constructed team.

3) Pay Attention

The biggest and most important rule here: If you can’t login once a week to swap out guys on a bye week, you shouldn’t be playing. The reason more people play fantasy football compared to any other game is that it’s the least time consuming.

There is nothing more hated in fantasy football than someone who doesn’t play once the draft is concluded.

4) Bring Something To The Table

This is in reference to the message boards. Throw something up there once in a while. “why did I draft Seneca Wallace in the 5th round” is sufficient.” Engage in these guys/gals and start a mini conversation. Find common ground and get to know the other players. You will make friendships and in the end, have more fun.

“Why did you draft a guy in prison?” is also acceptable. Not acceptable: “Glad to see you stopped beating your wife long enough to update your team”. Unless it’s true. Then call the police once you made your post.

5) Research (Just Enough)

Don’t get all “Matthew Berry” or anything. Just make sure you know who’s hurt, who’s retired etc. It will keep the frustration level way down later on in the season. You will be made fun of for drafting Randy Moss.

Ask the other guys in your league for advice. People love being asked their opinion on players or strategy. They will help you.

6) Make Some Trades

Feel free to make a couple trades. Not only will you be keeping tabs on your team, but you’ll want to see how the guy is doing you gave up on. Put a little skin in the game. No shame in making a bad deal.

“I regret not the things I’ve done but the things I did not do”

7) Draft A Kicker With Your Last Pick

 The only draft advice I’ll give you. Do not waste a high pick on a kicker. They are the epitome of replaceable.

And for sh*t’s sake, don’t draft 2 kickers. Don’t be that guy.


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