In Cinemas…Captain America: The First Avenger

Prior to Saturday July 23rd, 2011, I had watched 1,999 movies in theaters, on VHS/DVD and on TV. It was quite the momentous occasion and fate so happened to place Captain America as my special 2K.

Now growing up I was a geeky kid, but the majority of that geekiness was in the movie world. I loved Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters: all of which were not really created in the comic book world. The comics I remember reading were mostly relegated to Ninja Turtles or X-Men. So while most fanboys have been living in anticipation of the motion picture births of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, I only garnered interest due to the recent cinematic transfer.

Captain America is Chris Evans, without a doubt. There is nobody else I could see in the role; which of course I can say with confidence since he’s the only viable candidate. Evans fully embodies Steve Rogers/Captain America. As the weak Steve Rogers, Evans portrays the perfect underdog that gets all the support of the audience. And once the once weak Rogers becomes the mighty Captain America, Evans showcases his athleticism and charm with great ease. In supporting roles: Hugo Weaving is fantastic as Red Skull- Captain’s arch nemesis; Haley Atwell is gorgeous as the love interest (New addition to my Top 5); Tommy Lee Jones looks old but has some of the best one-liners as a General. Directed by Joe Johnston, who created one of my favorite movies from childhood The Rocketeer, does an excellent job of capturing the feel and era of Captain America’s origin story. The film is fast paced, spiced with action and humor and really builds on itself over the course of 2 hours. If you’re seeing this movie with anticipation than you already know to stay after the credits, but if you’re a newbie just a hint to see something AMAZING.

Overall Grade: B


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