Keep Eric Wedge!

I’m not gonna worry about prettying up my post with pictures of managers that nobody cares about. I’m just getting down to the hard nosed facts on why Eric Wedge is the best manager the Mariners have had since Sweet Lou. Our resident bitter/pessimistic/angry blogger, Jeff Delauney, thinks that Wedgie has worn out his welcome already in Seattle, a mere 95 games into his first season with the team. Now if you look at it merely by record, 43-52 is not exactly where you want to be after the All-Star break. The good thing is that the Mariners play in the AL West, historically the weakest division in Major League Baseball. A record of 43-52 with this sorry bunch of players is good enough for a 3rd place finish, which sounds a lot better than finishing Last. So below are some bulletpoints as to why I think Wedgie is the best thing managerial candidate for the Seattle Mariners:
  • The Mustache.
Now I really, really considered that being my only argument for this posting; but I know that Jeffrey actually took this seriously so I’ll give you some more thoughts.
  • Lou Piniella is the ONLY manager in Mariners history with a winning record. Since Lou left for Tampa Bay (when they were still the Devil Rays), the Mariners have hired a who’s who of shitty managers that most people said “Huh?” when their hiring was announced.
  • Bob Melvin, Mike Hargrove, John McLaren, Jim Riggleman, Don Wakamatsu, and Daren Brown (who?). Hargrove stayed the longest, but also failed to produce any kind of results resembling his once shining World Series resume. The only guy on this list that I would be okay with replacing Wedge at this point: Riggleman. At least the guy has a set of balls on him big enough to tell a Major League team to stick it mid-season on a winning team.
  • Everybody and their mother knew going into this season that the M’s wouldn’t come close to competing for the division, and if you say differently you’re a lying whore. But what happened? We got 3 months of competitive baseball out of this team. We actually watched the games and even attended a few. So you can’t immediately call for Wedge’s head when we all knew at the beginning that it was going to be a rough season.
  • The failure of the Mariners doesn’t fall on Erice Wedge, it falls on Jack Zduriencik. Sure the guy made some gutsy moves in his first; bringing in Guiterrez to solidify CF, bringing Junior back to Seattle, and renting Cliff Lee for half a season. But let’s not forget who else he has brought us: Jack Cust, Chone Figgins, Jack Wilson, Milton Bradley, Casey Kotchman, Eric Byrnes; not to mention got rid of Jose Lopez and Brandon Morrow. Wedge hasn’t had much to work with in terms of roster, hell most of the success has come from Minor Leaguers.
Eric Wedge brings a fire to the team. He’s young enough to relate to the players yet old enough to command respect. As the season progresses we will see how Jack Z weeds out the useless players and fills the gaps with potential; hopefully giving Wedgie the right pieces to bring the Mariners back to contention. There are pieces already in place (i.e. Felix, Ackley, Smoak, Seager) but in the current market the Mariners are still riding the coattails of the 2001 team lead by a once dominate Ichiro Suzuki. It’s time to make a splash again, I think a certain Prince from Milwaukee would do just fine in the NW. Please? Pretty Please?

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