[Evolution vs. Creation] Must Be Stopped!

I’m so sick of seeing Jesus- and Darwin-fish all over the damn place.  It’s getting really old, people.  Everywhere I go, it’s Darwin-fish here, Jesus-fish there, Darwin-fish eating Jesus-fish, Jesus-fish smiting Darwin-fish down with bolts of fire and brimstone…it’s honestly getting absurd.  Why do we as a nation – no, as a species – feel so intent upon dividing ourselves into so many separate camps, and then proceed to go to great and illogical lengths to prove that any other camp is wholly, utterly wrong?  Personally, I don’t see why the two fish are so different, really…I mean, one has legs, the other doesn’t, no big deal…

So why the hell can’t someone believe in evolution (which is based upon scientific fact, people; here, let me say it again: scientific fact.  Look it up if you don’t know what it means), and still believe that God created the universe?  Can we no longer grasp the concepts of metaphor and allusion?  If you believe God created the universe, did you never stop to think that maybe science and mathematics are part of the language God used to create everything?  Why is that so flippin’ hard to believe?  “Oh no, that’s impossible!  God doesn’t use science!  He just says the magic words, and it happens!  Duh…”. I mean, seriously?  If God is the creator of everything (the universe included), and every piece of scientific knowledge and learning that our species has acquired through the millennia points to the fact that the universe runs based on very specific scientific laws and principles, then it only stands that (and all you people who passed Philosophy 101 will agree with me here)…drum roll, please…  God created science as a set of guidelines by which his creation should work.  It’s all this old-fashioned superstitious mumbo-jumbo kind of thinking that keeps us from getting anywhere as a society.  Now, I know that evolution is a theory in the scientific sense of the word, as any self-respecting biologist (my brother included) will tell you.  Darwin didn’t get it exactly right, and there is still a lot for us to learn about exactly how it works (not to mention the all-encompassing “Why?”, which is well beyond the scope of this article).  Nonetheless, it’s the best theory we have, and is viewed as “fact” in the common understanding of the word because no other theory has replaced it or disproved it.  Anyway, if you believe in an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent God, what harm can a few scientific theories really do Him?  Further, if the teaching of evolution is such a faith-threatening act, it seems to me that the Creationists’ faith could use a little evolving itself; even Thomas believed in the resurrection after putting his fingers into Jesus’ wounds.

Anyway, the same could be said of the scientists/Evolutionists as well.  They should be the first ones to consider that there are things in this universe which are beyond the scope of our current human comprehension (black holes, the nature of space-time, how light can behave simultaneously as a wave and a particle, the quantum states of energy…just to name a few).  We’re quick to accept the possibility of life on other planets in other solar systems, or even in our own (think of how much money has been spent searching for water and traces of life on Mars).  Remember the Golden Record sent out on the first Voyager mission?  Obviously the possibility of other life in the universe is great enough that our top scientists didn’t see it as a waste of time and valuable resources to put that mission together.  So if scientists believe in the possibility of some form of higher intelligence somewhere in the universe, why is the possibility that a higher Higher Intelligence could exist and have created the universe so hard to believe?  I understand that this concept takes a little bit of Critical Thinking (which scientific minds praise so highly)… but it doesn’t seem any more of a stretch to me than believing that a black hole can have infinite mass and density in a nonetheless very finite space.  Scientific thought is important, and it’s the foundation on which our society has been built, but Science needs to know when to admit that it doesn’t understand something.  Socrates (who we revere as one of the greatest philosophers – a.k.a. Critical Thinkers – of all time) stated that true wisdom comes in knowing that you know nothing.  You can look at a diamond and say that it’s made out of atoms of carbon arranged in a complex matrix…but do you really understand it?  Can you say what a carbon atom really is, without reverting to the Periodic Table, or speaking in quarks, leptons, and bosons?  What exactly is the force that causes these things to behave the way they do?  When asking these sorts of questions, you reach a point where Science fails you, and you have to admit that they behave in such a manner simply because it’s in their nature to do so…but what defines that nature?  We…don’t…know…  In my humble opinion, the idea that the universe was created out of the void in a Big Bang with no impetus or particular reason takes as much Faith (as opposed to Logic) as the belief in God…but then again, what do I know?  I just live here.


2 thoughts on “[Evolution vs. Creation] Must Be Stopped!

  1. I definitely agree that Evolution and God are not mutually exclusive. I would join you in your thought and point out that science proves God’s existence. How can something be so perfectly intricate as our DNA (for example) and make that all work out?

    I can definitely see a problem with God using evolution as his mechanism to create the world. Most followers of God tend to put him in a box. Who says God couldn’t have evolved everything in the 7 days he took to create the universe. Do I think it took 7 physical days to create the universe – YES! But do I also think that God has the power to create and evolve species as he sees fit in that same time – ABSOLUTELY! Shoot, why not throw some dinosaurs down in the tar pits to throw man kind for a loop to test our faith in Him. If God is who I think He is, he could do anything I can imagine, and then some, and then some more.

    From my standpoint I’d really just like to see those against God to join the team so that they can experience His presence and be saved.

  2. I tend to take a more metaphorical view of things, in that I don’t think the universe and our planet were literally created in seven days, or that it shows a lack of faith to not believe they were. Given the fact that Genesis, like all other creation myths, is written in a highly allegorical style (not to mention in Hebrew, then translated into Greek, then Latin, THEN English, basically ensuring that some of the original meaning has been lost or changed somewhat), the “seven days” could just as easily have been billions of years, which our scientific data points to being the actual case. Also, given the nature of time and Einstein’s theory of relativity, who’s to say that “seven days” from the perspective of God/the eternal, divine energy isn’t something like billions of years from our perspective. The length of years and days are different from planet to planet, and time itself supposedly slows down the closer you get to the speed of light, so there could just as easily be a corollary effect in the higher dimensions of the Divine. And the Bible never says there WEREN’T dinosaurs, it just never explicitly says there were. It does however mention all kinds of monstrous beasts (Leviathan, Behemoth) that are not in existence today – perhaps those are the dinosaurs or other ancient, extinct creatures we’ve found in tar pits and glaciers. Just because they didn’t write “dinosaur” doesn’t mean they weren’t talking about them – the term itself was only invented in the 19th century, so you can’t blame the ancient Hebrews for not using it.

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