In Cinemas…Bad Teacher

Now I would be completely lying if I said that “Bad Teacher” was on my must see Summer Movie List. In fact, it probably would be on my 3 weeks after release Netflix list. The reasoning behind seeing the film in theaters was Date Night. The wife and I had a 24 hour vacation from life and it was the best option at the local theater. On a side note, don’t waste your time and money by going to an iPic theater in Redmond; it cost $40 for us to see the movie and after drinks/popcorn the total was $100.

Now the movie itself looked like it could be funny. Cameron Diaz isn’t my favorite actress, but I was actually able to tolerate her in this one. I was mostly excited about the addition of Jason Segel in the movie; but turns out he’s just a minor character with little screen time. I can however tell you that the best moments of the movie have him onscreen. Now Timberlake is a fine actor, he’s actually decent. But in this role, which he plays a naive substitute teacher, he was just plain annoying. There’s a very awkward dry-humping scene which I have no idea how someone thought it was funny. It was just plain embarassing.

The movie was extremely unbalanced, which is sad because I really enjoyed “Orange County”, the other popular film from director Jake Kasdan. But “Bad Teacher” doesn’t know what it wants to be; a gross out comedy? a black comedy? an underdog story? In the end it’s a mediocre black grossout comedy that completely failed to make me laugh.

Overall Grade: C-


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