Introductions: Andy

I must be the “player to be named later” in the grand scheme of things.   New addition to the team.  I am definitely not your stereotypical video game nerd, but I have logged way too many hours (or not enough, not sure which) in front of video game systems over the years.  My all-time favorite would be Goldeneye for the N64 for nostalgic purposes, with Super Tecmo Bowl for the Super Nintendo a close second.  My current fling is with NCAA Football (amazing by the way).

If I’m not talking about Video Games, then I must be talking about sports.  I dabbled in college athletics where I transferred numerous times trying to fulfill my childhood dreams of becoming a Major League Baseball player until I finally realized there isn’t much market for a 5’11” guy with an average arm and average speed (and couldn’t hit a 90+mph fastball consistently).  After realizing this, I transferred to Washington State University (Go Cougs!) to graduate and now work for an Online Registration company and deal with computer technology all day which is amazing.

When I’m not working I spend time with my wife, play slow-pitch softball to make me feel better about myself and try to stay in shape the best I can with random outdoor activities that can’t hold my attention.  I live in Bothell, WA with my wife and 2 dogs.  I imagine I will be posting mostly around Sports (to keep Jeff’s biases in check) and Video Games as those are my main things, but also find the ever evolving technology world fascinating and might indulge in that every once in a while.


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