Your Seattle Sports State of The Union

An update on the teams we all know and love.

Seattle Mariners:

I have a strong love/hate relationship with the Mariners.  I have on numerous occasions considered divorcing this team as it has become a one sided relationship.  I’ll save that for another post on it’s own.

I have made it clear before that I want this team to cut the dead veteran weight and get younger.  It’s easy to cut ties with guys like Jack Cust.  He isn’t making that much and he’s on a one year deal.  The big question is what to do with Chone?  (Also known as Donkey)  He’s making a butt load of money and is on the hook for multiple years.  This is a deal much harder to swallow than Cust.  Chone has statistically become the worst player in the league.  You wont be able to find a team dumb enough to trade for him unless it’s another Silva for Bradley trade.  Watching Figgins play makes me weep.

Another singles hitter who isn’t hitting singles is Ichiro.  There is no question his skills are declining.  He is becoming the perfect example of a player holding a professional franchise hostage.  This is usually a problem reserved for NBA teams.  (Remember the NBA?)  Ichiro dictates his position, his order in the lineup, if / when he bunts or steals bases, and how he gets on base.  The way he plays the game would not fly in a less tolerant ownership group.

Smoak is an incredibly streaky hitter who needs to keep playing everyday and hitting in the 3 spot to get comfortable.  I’d like to see the same strategy with Carp and Ackley when his name is called most likely next week.

Seattle Seahawks:

Dear national and local sports media:  Until Matt Hasselbeck signs a contract with an NFL team and you are in the room when he signs his contract, shut the hell up about where you think he will sign.  Instead, start covering the fact that the NFL is still unsuccessfully trying to divide billions of dollars.  The NFL should be shammed by the media for their labor debacle.  Enough is enough.  South Park should have already come up with a months worth of shows showing us how ridiculous this situation is.

Once an agreement is made, watch the eff out because players will be traded, signed and cut faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

Seattle Sounders:

This team is so fun to watch and I’m completely sucked in.  I can’t wait to see Freddie Montero back in the starting lineup on a regular basis and I think he has earned his position.  Nate Jaqua should be the guy used off the bench later in games when center backs legs are a bit heavier.  I’d also like to see this team string more passes together in the offensive third rather than float balls in the air for scoring chances.  The team lost some speed with the loss of Zakawani and hopefully a healthy Montero can make up for that.

I’ve also become a fan of Alonso and think he deserves way more credit.  He holds midfield well defensively and it goes unnoticed.  (I wrote this before he knocked in the go ahead goal vs Vancouver, I felt like a proud parent)

Seattle Storm:

Let me put on my John Madden hat…  Ok, got it.  “If they can make more layups than the other teams, they have a good chance to repeat this year.”


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