The Full Mariners Game Live Blog

Two Third and 7 writers, Jeff Delauney and Jason Miller, hit up Safeco Field for a Mariners game and wrote about it!

Check it out after the jump…

10:05 pm

Mariners Win

Mariners Win! Mariners Win! This totally justifies my impromptu trip from Portland to Seattle!


9:55 pm

Final Inning

Ok League in for the save, and Shawn decides to head to the bathroom.

The wave started last inning. Every time it came to our section I worried that Jeff was going to make us leave.

No one is more excited right now than the Mariner Moose!


9:42 pm

Last one, I promise.

Jason is a butthole.

Pauley tried to blow the game by not throwing strikes. Don’t worry League is warming up for the 9th….

Halman hits his first major league home run so we did see history. The center field bleachers have erupted into a bunch of drunk assholes trying to start the wave…

Could be a rocky ending.  For me and the Ms.

Battery dead. I hate my Droid.  Goodnight.

9:32 pm

Inning 8

The Mariners have scored! Not once but twice! David Pauley in the game now. Piece of cake. Nothing could go wrong now.

Jeff’s phone battery died, so I am in charge of the rest of the blogging. In fact, I can say anything I want now without Jeff’s rebuttal.

I wish they had 2 hydro races per game!

The only thing I regret about being at the game is missing Dave Simms’ commentary!

Give that fan a gold glove!


9:19 pm


I cant make this crap up.

9:17 pm


We are fans of the only baseball team in America where a rival team walks the bases loaded to get to your clean up hitter…. Because he’s a rookie. Can we just move to the National League already? It’s not like we use the dh.

Of course it works. Bleeder up the middle inexplicably hits the bag. Mariners lead 2 – 0.

9:08 pm

Despite his shutout, it appears Eric Bedard has requested that the bullpen prepare. Jeff has boasted that he will eat his cup if Chone gets a hit this inning. Shawn Knight is still available, ladies.

Standing a shade under 6 feet, Shawn enjoys wearing shorts.


8:56 pm

For those that are scoring at home, the green hydro won. Don’t tell Jason because that guy decided it was more important to go to the bathroom. The nerve.

This game is still 0-0 so I’ll just post Shawns phone number instead. 253-347-1784. Picture to follow. Shawn loves the Mariners, traveling, and is an employee of a small software company in the Redmond area. You may have heard of it.

The ground crew didn’t start dancing so I won’t be punching a baby tonight.

Bedard at 85 pitches of shut out ball. We are witnessing history.


8:50 pm

Alternate Jerseys

Ok, the PA announcer just announced that the Mariners will be wearing Their alternate green jerseys next week. THEY ARE NOT GREEN! They are teal if anything, closer to blue, and totally unnecessary (don’t tell Jeff).

Game update: Gutierrez just made a great catch, and if the Mariners offense keeps this up, their on track to score at least 0. Minimum.


8:28 pm

Finally decided to take our seats. (Garlic fries were amazing thank you for asking). Bedard has thrown 63 pitches into the 5th inning and topping out at 94 mph. This is encouraging.

I’m also glad I brought my f******* Northface jacket to a June baseball game. I’d be dead without it.

8:12 pm

Hat Trick

For those of you following along at home, the ball was hidden under hat number 1. Oh yeah, and Smoak hit a double or something.


7:46 pm


Carp makes a great catch at the wall proving he’s much more usefully than Cust. (you listening Jack?)  Anyway these jersey chasers and college drop outs didn’t see the Carp catch. But the men are pretending to be excited the slut is wearing a back pack….

Shawn Knight just informed me you can get tickets for the Sounders that includes all you can eat food and soft drinks. So now I’m hungry again.

7:35 pm

Inning 1

News on the field: Olivo strikes out with runner in scoring position.

News off the field: Jeff is telling me to quit blogging and drink my beer so we can order garlic fries.

Fun fact: We have yet to go to our seats yet.


7:27 pm

Ichiro Milestone


7:19 pm

So Bedard gets through the first harmlessly. Thank god he didn’t tear his labia I mean labrum.  I was inside the Safe for exactly 10 minutes before I got stuck behind the single father of 4 trying to put ketchup on his kids dogs. Thank you happy land.

7:10 pm


Centerfield bleacher seats because apparently we don’t qualify as a family. Bah. But, I managed to get 3 free schedules out of the deal.


6:19 pm


Jason has work to do.

Also note worthy Jason and I did not pay for parking because that is not in fact, how we roll.

5:42 pm

Jeff and I will be blogging live from Safeco Field tonight! The night begins at the Pyramid.



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