New ‘Hawks Uniforms?

There is a bit of talk regarding Nike winning the bid with the NFL for the uniform contract in 2012. I’m more interested in what it could mean for new uniform changes with the ‘Hawks.  Nike may look to the team located in the Pacific Northwest as a guinea-pig for its new designs.  Many people are worried that Nike will Oregonize the NFL or the Seahawks.  You could argue Reebok already has with our green alternates.  These unis were a good idea but poor execution.


Possible new uniform designs were later “leaked” by Nike or the NFL to gauge public opinion.  It’s smart to determine if there would be repercussions for such a drastic overhaul.  Traditionalists (I call them Communists) will always bitch when a new uniform design is released.  These new designs are fantastic.


Until 2012 there wont be any changes.  The team has already asked the NFL for permission to bring back the silver and blue throwbacks next season.  This is a long overdue idea and will give me a chance to wear my old school Alexander jersey to Qwest.  My jersey is modeled below by Thirdand7’s own Chase Perrin.

What do I want to see for the new uniforms in 2012?  Glad you asked…

I vote we drop the “blue men group” and mix in the dark blue jerseys with more traditional white pants.  I also believe we need to use more green.  Yes, I said MORE GREEN.  The rest of the country thinks our secret of the ooze green is gross.  So f*** them, lets give them a nice big s*** sandwich since they wont put us on prime time anyway.  Lets save the silver helmets and pants for the throwback days which I’m hoping will become a yearly tradition.  Especially when we play our former AFC West brethren.

If you are a total dork like me, there is a great site dedicated to the history the the Seahawks uniforms located here.  Enjoy, and let me know what you’d like to see in 2012.


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