Apple & Verizon Must Be Stopped

“If you don’t have an Iphone, you can go to hell”  

I think that’s how the ad goes.  It might as well say that because I’D LOVE NOTHING MORE THAN TO OWN AN IPHONE!  Here’s the deal.  I got the first “Droid” because I was under the impression that Verizon would never get the Iphone.  You want a review of the Droid Eris?…It’s a giant piece of chihuahua dung.  I should know.

Reasons why this is the phone of the devil:

  • The processor is so slow that the web browser crashes constantly.
  • The phone has the ability to pocket dial everyone in your phone book.  (Sorry for the 2 am calls from the bar Grandma)
  • Phone calls get dropped when being answered.  Not a lack of signal, the processor literally crashes the phone because the damn thing rang.
  •  Battery lasts for half a day at the most.
  • The camera takes 116 minutes to load (approximatively) so you can’t take a quick picture.  By the time the camera is ready, the midget riding the scooter with his overweight girlfriend on the back are out of view.  Heart breaking really.
  • The keyboard is not fat finger friendly.  Between my poor spelling and the inability to type, I might as well stop texting all together.
  • I could go on but I’m sure both my readers have lost interest by now…
I’m too cheap to pay full price for an Iphone. $750? What rich douche has that kind of money to throw around?  My only option is to wait until November when my contract is available for an upgrade.  Then, I have the PRIVILEGE of buying another out of date device.
This will be a summer of Verizon and Apple mocking me with their commercials for jumping the gun and purchasing a Droid I didn’t want in the first place.  So I’ll be stuck with this piece of junk.

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