The 7: Reasons You Should Watch Entourage

While I’m looking for current TV shows that don’t suck, I have been watching Entourage from the beginning.  I love this show and you should too.

  1. An accurate depiction of what my friends and I would do if one of us made it big.
  2. It’s on HBO.  Therefore, no censorship.  Fact: Boobs = Quality TV.
  3. The Cameos.  (Bob Sagat, Phil Mickelson, Snoop, Kayne, Jessica Alba, Tom Brady, James Cameron, etc)
  4. It doesn’t take itself too serious.
  5. Exactly 27 minute episodes.  Therefore you can still have a life.
  6. Shows the dirty/ugly side of Hollywood.  Ever wonder why or how someone gets cast in a movie?
  7. Jeremy Pivon is effing amazing.

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