Dear Mariner Fans: Get Off Your Ass

I once had a soccer coach who started every team speech with the phrase “here’s the deal” right before he chewed us out.

Dear M’s Fans, here’s the deal:

Get out and see this team.  Your Mariners are not terrible or unwatchable in any way.  In fact, there are plenty of reasons to get out to The Safe as described by Jason here.  You are flat out of excuses you passive aggressive whiners.  The weather is warming up, this team’s starting pitching is surpassing everyone’s expectations and they are figuring out ways to win.

I freely admit the bullpen and hitting are both a work in process but will be addressed in the next 6 months.  Keep in mind Brett Boone and his bag of syringes aren’t coming back any time soon.  Once you get used to the National League style of offense, you’ll have a great time.  Which reminds me, the best part of low scoring games with good pitching is that the game doesn’t  last 4 and a half hours.  Little Timmy can stay out ’til 9:30 and still get his 8 hours sleep.

Jack is going to be very active come July.  We could see Bedard and a few other veterans get moved for a few younger pieces to compliment the core of this team.  The team is starting to take shape.

The bottom line is that the more we get out and support the team now via increased attendance, the more ammo we give Jack to make a splash in free agency next year.  This city needs to back the team and show the dysfunctional, sucky, old, crappy, incompetent, management that we will support this team though the good times and the bad.


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