Top 7….Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To

  1. Two Door Cinema Club: “What You Know” – Give it a listen and try not to dance, hell try not to even tap your foot while driving on the freeway doing 45 because Seattlites drive even worse in the sunshine than the rain.
  2. Foster the People: “Helena Beat” – Forget that annoyingly catchy chorus from the MGMT-wannabe “Pumped Up Kicks” and instead get sucked into this much better MGMT- wannabe track from 3 pretty boys from LA.
  3. Foo Fighters: “Arlandia” – So far this is my favorite of my favorites from the Foos latest album, Wasting Light. If you haven’t checked it out, you should, I think it’s their best album to date (though I could just be on a New Foo High).
  4. Yellowcard: “With You Around” – Fantastic Summer song, Yellowcard has always been one of my favorite punk bands and it’s good to see them back to their old form. Can’t wait to listen to this while heading to Warped Tour.
  5. Fitz and the Tantrums: “Moneygrabber” – Since getting my free trial of Sirius satellite radio, the majority of my time has been spent listening to AltNation. This was a discovery from that station and it’s so damn catchy I ran out bought the CD. It’s probably my new favorite CD of the moment along with the Foos.
  6. Saigon: “Bring Me Down” – You might recognize the name from his guest spots on “Entourage”, who knew the guy could actually put together a fantastic rap song.
  7. Funeral Party: “Finale” – Another Sirius discovery, fantastic new band that could make some noise.

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