Do You Dare? – The Human Centipede

Late last year there was buzz going around the film geek forums about a film that was deemed so horrific and disgusting that many people were unable to sit through the entire thing. That film is “The Human Centipede”.

This was not a big budget blockbuster available for viewing at your local Regal Cinemas. This was an Independent film that knew exactly what it was: a film trying desperately to become a cult classic. There is a long history of successful films that have failed miserably during their original releases, but found a second life on VHS/DVD. Side note: some of my favorites include The Evil Dead, The Boondock Saints and Office Space.

I sort of made an unofficial challenge to myself, a dare if you will: can Jonesy sit through this proclaimed vomit inducing horror film? I had put the challenge off for months, using the fact that neither my wife or daughter would be interested in such a film (nor should they be). But this past weekend I found myself alone with plenty of time to kill, so I finally accepted the challenge.

In the hopes of not ruining too much of the film for those who may want to challenge themselves as well, I can tell you this: I did not vomit. I watched every minute of it. While there were some very disturbing images in the film, I guess I would put it as less graphic than your typical Saw/Hostel torture murder kill film. “The Human Centipede” is not a good movie in any way, in fact it’s poorly acted and the script is full of plot holes. The filmmakers are working on a sequel of course, to try and capitalize on the current social buzz (if Tosh.0 is talking about it, then it’s hot right?).

So do you dare? Do you dare try and watch The Human Centipede?


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