The 7 Road Trip Albums

Heading out on a road trip and putting your Ipod on shuffle is bs.  You needs songs that flow.  You need to hear the whole story.  These are the 7 albums I wont leave without.

1.  Boston – Self Titled

2.  Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf

3.  Incubus – Make Yourself

4.  Will Hoge – Blackbird on a Lonely Wire

5.  The White Stripes – Elephant

6.  Jackson United – Western Ballads

7.  Jay Z – Unplugged

What’s Your 7?


4 thoughts on “The 7 Road Trip Albums

  1. Dude, you forgot the Foo Fighters’ One by One! Every song on that album just drives! It does make me want to speed, though… But what’s a little road trip without dodging the cops? Good call on the Queens of the Stone Age album though… That one gets the Jon Gerard stamp of approval.

  2. Well since Jason got to post his list before me, I’ll just break mine down here:

    1. Eve 6- Horrorscope
    2. Less Than Jake- Borders and Boundaries
    3. New Found Glory- Sticks and Stones
    4. Kings of Leon- Come Around Sundown
    5. Weezer- Green Album
    6. Jimmy Eat World- Bleed American
    7. Rx Bandits- Progress

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