7 New Uses For The Seal Team

Now that the Seal Team has dealt with Obama Osama, I have found some new uses for them.  Here are my Top 7.

1.  Public Apologies – Dear every public official or celebrity.  Stop it.  I don’t need Kobe to apologize for using a derogatory slur for gay people.  If someone started trashing male middle class white guys, I wouldn’t be leading a march to have the person fined / suspended / fired / whatever.

2.  Use Of The Word “Epic” – This is officially effed out.  First it was hella, then wicked, then uber…. Time to move on bro.

3.  Transformers 2 – Anyone who tells you they liked this movie is lying or needs to be euthanized.

4.  “Viral” Videos – All of the nut jobs who have their 15 minutes of fame are getting them for the wrong reasons.  “Hey a guy got tased for running naked through Wrigley!  He’s a celebrity now!”

5.  Mid ’90s Grunge On The Radio – This is mostly a gripe for 107.7.  (The Seattle alternative radio station)  They play one of the 6 Seattle grunge bands every 10 minutes.  I love the grunge era and its how I got into music in the first place.  Its 2011 and I’m ready for something new.

6.  Cell Phone In The Bathroom Guy – I don’t have to explain this.  You know this guy.  He should be dealt with swiftly.

7.  The BCS – These assholes are more corrupt than Hollywood, the NBA & Washington DC combined.  Oh and to the NCAA, give it up and pay the players already.


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