Trent Dilfer Must Be Stopped

This toolbag is out of control.  The former NFL quarterback turned ESPN bobble head is now one of the giant windbags he used to loathe as a player.

He has used his expert football knowledge to tout Cam Newton as the greatest thing since sliced bread.  In fact, he hasn’t said a single bad thing about one of the rookie quarterbacks drafted last week.  Of course he knows what it takes to become a Hall of Fame QB with career stats like this.   More career picks than touchdowns in a career.  Good work Trent.  Yes, he won a ring.  Trent was the first QB of the modern age to be called a “game manager.”  That’s code for don’t f it up douche nozzle.  Ray Lewis should be given two rings for not murdering Dilfer that season.

After the draft this “expert” was adamant that the Seahawks wouldn’t bring Hasselbeck back even though contract negotiations were interrupted by the god-damned lockout.  He is friends with Hasselbeck and wants Matt to make as much money as he can and open negotiations with other teams.  Just because they are friends doesn’t mean he should use his platform to make shit up.  If the ‘Hawks didn’t want him back, they wouldn’t have made an offer before the lockout.  If Matt didn’t want to come back, he wouldn’t continue to do radio interviews expressing his desire to stay.  He’s the anti-Dilfer.

There is this gem that pisses me off to no end.  Tarvaris Jackson?  Really?  Maybe if we were trying to enter the Andrew Luck sweepstakes in 2012 you a-hole.  If we want to suck next year we’ll stick with Charlie thank you very much.  Was Vince Young not available?  We should just have Trent come run the team.  Like he managed all those NFL games.

Dear ESPN,

Shut him up.


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