At the Record Store Today – May 3

There are really only two releases that you need to know about this week. Sure there’s a bunch of other stuff out in stores – J. Lo, Stevie Nicks, Pricilla Ahn, Architecture in Helsinki, Now 38 (wow, I feel old. I have Now 4) to name a few. But really, there are only two records you would blow your allowance on today:

Hot Sauce Committee Part 2Helplessness Blues

Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce committee, Part Two

Ch-ch-ch-check it out, the new disc from three MCs and a DJ is intergalactic. Despite taking quite a break, there is very little that these long time favorites could do to sabotage their chances at rhymin’ and stealin’ a major hit with this one. Get it together and pick up a copy, get your body movin’ lest you get into triple trouble.

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness News

Take the clean, hypnotic rhythms of their first outing and add some gravitas, a little extra melancholy, a dabble of one of the coldest winters in a bit and you end up with a record rife with raw talent, polished instrumentation and some serious balls. Fleet Foxes has out foxed (wow, that’s a bad pun) even the most skeptical. They should have a fleet of awards this time next year as a result (that one was even worse).


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