Review: Fast 5

Sure, it looks pretty bad. I mean, I have laughed out loud every time the trailer has aired. But it looks bad in the same way the last four looked pretty bad… AWESOMELY. I am taking this movie premier to be the opening salvo of the summer movie season, and embracing that as a good thing.
I went into this midnight showing on IMAX knowing it was going to be a terribly acted, directed and written movie with little semblance of plot. Needless to say my expectations are quite HIGH. Confused?

Sure, cinematically, the previous movies have been terrible. Film students watch them to know what not to do. But this isn’t cinema. It wasn’t made for Cannes, Sundance or even Tribeca. It was made for popcorn, and hollering at the screen, and maybe, just maybe drinking in the theater. It was made for every guy that ever wanted to haul ass in a slick ride or do something totally ridiculous. It was made for fun. And on that count, it’s a winner.


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